We're Committed To Providing The Resources You Need For Your Daughter's Success

Financial Resources

Havenwood Academy is unique in helping to provide our families with financial resources to cover the cost of treatment. Resources like Medicaid and California Adoption Assistance are able to cover the vast majority of the cost of high quality treatment. This usually includes therapy, programming, accredited private education, food, and housing. We are committed to helping you find financing to provide the critical treatment for your daughter. We encourage you to fill out our online assessment today and find out if your family will qualify.

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Your Windows Into Your Daughter's Treatment

We are committed to connecting you with your daughter's treatment. Here is how we do it.

Parent Workshops

Havenwood Academy invests heavily in creating resources and providing educational opportunities for our parents. This helps with healing for both our young women and their families and prepares both for her return home at the end of the program. We hold virtual and in-person workshops during parent weekends where our expert clinicians will teach the complexities of trauma and what is happening in the brains of our young women. Studies indicate that greater parental involvement correlates to significantly better long-term outcomes. 

Parent Portal

Havenwood Academy provides access to parents of all information pertaining to their daughter’s treatment and experience in the program through a parent portal Havenwood has developed with its CRM.  The parent portal allows parents to view in nearly real time their daughter’s treatment progress and other important information such as photos, treatment plans, academic reports, and so much more. Research shows how important parent participation is in treatment, and the parent portal is one more way for you to connect with your daughter.

Parent Weekends

Because parent participation is so critical to a young woman’s success, we invite our families to come join us three times a year for parent weekends. Parents weekends consist of critical workshops and important educational opportunities, lots of fun relationship-building activities, and great food. Many families feel alone in trying to help their daughter through her struggles. Parent weekend creates an opportunity for parents to connect with other families experiencing similar struggles.

Havenwood University

Our parents are usually arriving with a limited understanding of the effects of trauma, options available, and residential in particular. Havenwood U is our self-created library of content to educate and inform parents about treatment. We have filmed hours and hours of short videos about trauma, treatment, schooling, and residential life. These are available to you as soon as you enroll. They will prepare you for your child's graduation from our program and set your family up for success when they come back home.

Read Our Blog

Havenwood Academy has a vast library of content related to all kinds of important parenting topics. Learn about addiction in teenage girls or teaching your daughter about dating. Educating yourself is one of the best things you can do for your daughter.


The Anatomy of Peace

Every parent we work with will receive a copy of The Anatomy of Peace, Resolving the Heart of Conflict. This book has been instrumental in helping our parents be the best version of themselves so that they can be ready to help their daughter. This book helps our families understand the root cause behind all types of conflict at personal, professional and global levels, and how to reach a peaceful resolution. Our goal is for all our families to have a heart of peace as described in the book.