Military School for Troubled Teen Girls

Military schools for troubled teen girls may seem like the answer for parents who are frustrated and worried. However, for teenagers who are dealing with overwhelming feelings of frustration, anger and even fear, there are other better options for them. When dealing with emotional, mental health or behavioral challenges, teenagers often act out and engage in reckless behavior. Many parents simply feel that a little discipline will help their teen shape up, but that isn’t really appropriate for long-term healing. Havenwood Academy offers parents an alternative to military school for troubled teen girls and promises a better experience for every family member.

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What Exactly Is Military School for Troubled Teen Girls?

In order to understand more about military schools for teens, parents need to figure out a few different definitions that apply to different teen help and therapy programs. In the old days, bad boys were shipped off to military school in hopes that the harsh discipline would suppress all rebelliousness. These schools were strict and cared more about conformity than any kind of long-term success. Today, military schools are private boarding schools that prepare teens for an officer’s life in the armed forces, and don’t really have any kind of therapeutic component. Proper military schools are no place for troubled teens.

Military schools and boot camps are also names given to teen help programs that have a certain approach to behavior modification. These are often run in a pseudo-military style and use lots of physical activity, punishments and sparse surroundings to try to convince teens that their rebellious ways are not in their best interest. Again, there is no therapeutic or academic component to these programs, and therefore they don’t really have much long-term effect on a troubled teen.

Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers for teens have proved successful in almost every area of a troubled teen’s life, from mental health to academics to self-esteem and more. Instead of military schools for girls, parents should look to therapeutic boarding schools .

More on Therapeutic Boarding Schools

The best part about therapeutic boarding schools when compared to military schools for girls is that they have the whole package that parents are looking for. Managed by attentive staff and focused on helping girls to heal, therapeutic boarding schools are in the business of getting teens to become the drivers in their own journey toward recovery. In a supportive, caring and structured environment, teen girls become excited about their futures and work hard to meet their personal goals.

Here are just a few things about therapeutic boarding schools that benefit teens:

  • Qualified Staff: From administration to therapists to mentors and everyone in between, the staff at a therapeutic boarding school should be properly licensed and certified, plus have experience working with teens.
  • Accredited Academics: An accredited therapeutic boarding school will be in compliance with the certain high school regulations, and have certified teachers instructing the students. Depending on the program, students may even be able to earn a diploma at the therapeutic boarding school.
  • Therapeutic Recreation: Not all therapy should be talk therapy, and the most successful therapy schools include a range of different therapy activities, like equine therapy, art therapy, sports and outdoor recreation therapy and more. It boosts self-esteem and helps girls make breakthroughs in key areas of healing.
  • Community Service: Most therapeutic boarding schools house students in dorm-style rooms or family group homes, giving girls a chance to work together on laundry, cleaning, cooking, budgeting, leadership, teamwork and more.
  • Transition Plans: Eventually, teen girls at therapeutic boarding schools need to transition to the real world, whether with family or on their own. A good school will have a clear transition plan where teens learn how to be independent and navigate the adult world.

Let’s face it—military schools for girls don’t have any of these components, and are generally not the best place for teens with emotional, mental health or behavior obstacles. Parents who do the research quickly come to discover that therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are the best type of long-term help for their teenage girls.

Choose Havenwood Academy Over a Military School for Girls

We would love for you to learn more about Havenwood Academy and our unique approach to helping teen girls from across the country. Our treatment philosophy centers on experiential therapy, which gives each girl some ownership in her own healing, and exposes them to new options on how to change patterns in their lives that aren’t successful. We also focus on nutrition, fitness, communication, relationship building and boosting self-esteem. Havenwood Academy has plenty of ways to motivate your teenage daughter, all with love and respect instead of threats and punishments.

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