What's My Monthly Out Of Pocket Cost?

As Much As
Without Medicaid Coverage
As Little As
With Medicaid Coverage

Medicaid Insurance

Havenwood Academy is one of few residential treatment centers that accepts Medicaid insurance. This allows us to help the families who need our services the most.

How Does This Work?

Dealing with the Medicaid agencies can be intimidating and can seem overwhelming. Havenwood’s admissions team can help you through the process of applying for and receiving Medicaid coverage to help your daughter get the treatment and care she needs. We can even participate in helping you negotiate the terms of the contract with Medicaid.

Your first step is to fill out our Online Assessment today. Our admissions team will quickly reach out to you to learn more about your needs and situation.  If you and our admissions team believe that Havenwood can help your daughter and family, we will help you fill out an application for admission that will be reviewed by our clinical team. Once approved by our clinical team, our admissions team will work with you every step of the way to secure Medicaid funding from your state.

What Are My Costs?

Medicaid is designed to cover the majority of the costs associated with treatment. This usually includes therapy, programming, accredited private education, food, and housing. Medicaid may or may not cover expenses related to medical, dental and orthodontic care as well as medications and hygiene supplies. These expenses, if not covered by Medicaid, will be your responsibility.

What States Do We Work With?

We currently are approved by and accept Medicaid coverage from the following states:

  • Arizona (treatment & education)
  • Montana (treatment & education)(SCA Required
  • Nevada (treatment)(SCA Required)
  • New Mexico (treatment & education)
  • Oklahoma (treatment & education)
  • South Dakota (treatment)
  • Virginia (treatment & education)
  • Washington (treatment & education)

Even if your state is not listed here please contact us and let us see if we can help you receive assistance from your state. Our admissions team are experts in obtaining funding from states not listed above.