Boots Camps And Military Schools for Girls In Texas

Severe behavioral issues in your daughter can be frightening, especially if she is putting her emotional or physical health at risk, regardless of what you do. If you’re considering more intensive therapy, such as a boot camp or military school for girls in Texas, there are more effective options. Havenwood Academy is a 24 hour teen help center that is developed to help troubled girls figure out the root of what is leading to their negative behavior and help them learn how to manage or recover through skilled therapeutic methods. We combine therapy with hands on experiences in a healthy and private location where we can benefit from the beautiful surroundings and outdoor activities. If you are looking for a supportive and experienced facility for your troubled girl, where she will be in loving and safe hands, we offer the ideal place.

We would love to talk to you about our facility and the ways that it may be more beneficial than the girl’s boot camps and military schools in Texas. Call us at 1-877-830-7012.

Why Is Havenwood Academy So Effective?

When a teen girl has a history of making negative decisions, she may fall into the belief that she is just “bad”. We have found that no troubled teen is without great potential and she only needs experienced intervention to unlock it. In such cases, one of the best things you can do for your daughter is place her in an entirely new environment that is supportive, but monitored, and away from her current daily social and home situation. Only then can she become receptive to the therapy that will help her and the changes she needs to make in order to recover and live a more positive lifestyle.

For many parents, one of the main barriers to getting their girl the help she needs is the cost. Many of these valuable teen help programs require parents to pay out of pocket or else take out a loan to cover tuition. We are accredited as a medical facility and can therefore take some insurances plans, which may cover or at least offset the cost of your troubled girl’s time with us. Our status also allows us to offer more therapy than other facilities. Check your family insurance plan to see if our services might be covered.

Issues Teens In Arizona Deal With

Adolescents today must deal with a number of temptations and distractions in order to stay on a safe and healthy path. Issues such as substance abuse, crime and depression can lead to long term consequences and complications.

For Teens in Texas:

  • 17% of teens drink alcohol and 10% binge drink
  • 6% regularly use marijuana
  • Texas is 31st for adolescent suicide.
  • 65% teen pregnancy rate
  • In 2008, there were over 2000 teen arrests for substance abuse, property crime and violent crime.
  • 86% high school graduation rate.

How Our All-Girls School Can Benefit Your Troubled Daughter

At Havenwood Academy, we have developed a curriculum that offers a wide variety of therapeutic approaches in an environment that incorporates trust, love and accountability. Some of the factors that make our program so successful include:

  • Experiential solutions like equine, art, music or recreational therapy as well as the more customary options like group and individual talk therapy.
  • Our facility is very family-based and we are dedicated to helping our students improve their communication with their families and determine what their positive role is within the unit.
  • Students can continue to earn credits for high school or college through our accredited educational program. Time at our facility doesn’t mean that your daughter has to take a break from school.
  • We emphasize our positive peer culture program and encourage students to take advantage of teamwork and leadership opportunities.

We Are More Effective Than The Military Schools and Boot Camps In Texas

We have years of experience helping teens from Texas. While a military school or boot camp might seem as though it will be more effective, particularly if your daughter has issues with defiance, a therapeutic approach is far more likely to help your teen make changes that will last in the long term. We are dedicated to helping each girl that stays with us gain the skills she needs to move confidently forward to adulthood and helping each family navigate the process to return to hope and peace. Contact us today at 1-877-830-7012.


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

We encourage any visitors considering placing their daughter in treatment to fill out our online assessment as soon as possible. This two minute form will give our admissions team all the information needed to determine if your daughter is a good fit for our program.