Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Texas


In the complex journey through adolescence, some young girls face overwhelming challenges. Not only do they experience trauma from abuse, neglect or other adverse experiences, but they then have to find ways to overcome their physical, mental and psychological injuries and heal those wounds.

That’s a lot to ask of any person, let alone a young person who may not yet have developed effective coping skills. Military school for troubled girls in Texas can offer a safe refuge where they can work through their challenges.

At Havenwood Academy, we have deep expertise in helping teens understand, address and overcome the sources of trauma in their lives.


Military School for Girls in Texas: Giving Young Women Help and Hope


Our experienced therapists recognize that young trauma survivors require specialized care, support and guidance to navigate this delicate time in their lives. We provide a nurturing environment that many guests from around the U.S. consider the best therapeutic boarding school for girls.

Havenwood Academy enables teens to recover, grow and ultimately thrive. Our holistic healing approach effectively addresses the physical, emotional and mental health aspects of a girl’s well-being.


A Positive Alternative to Boot Camps


The term “boot camp” is sometimes used to describe therapeutic boarding schools for girls. We occasionally use it ourselves to help people understand what we do. However, the reality is that it’s more accurate to say that we’re an alternative to boot camps.

Very few residential treatment centers in the country are trauma specialists. That’s where Havenwood Academy excels.

We’re experts at treating girls with high ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) scores ( Our full-time nursing and program staff can support them as they navigate any of the many types of difficulties they might face, including pregnancy.

We’re committed to guiding and assisting teen girls through every step of their journey. Whether they’re processing past traumas, preparing for motherhood or planning for the future, we stand by them and offer unwavering support, compassion and guidance.


Military School for Troubled Texas Girls: Is Havenwood Academy the Right Solution?


Military school for girls in Texas can be an excellent way to address past traumas and prepare a teen for a brighter future.

We encourage anyone considering placing their daughter in treatment to complete our online assessment as soon as possible. It takes just two minutes to fill out the form, and it provides our admissions team with the information needed to determine if our services align with a girl’s needs.


Your Loved One Deserves the Best Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls


Are you researching “therapeutic boarding schools near me”? If so, Havenwood Academy may be the program that gives the teen girl you care about a fresh start.

Graduate Leah Sparkman is a great example. Leah overcame tremendous obstacles and is now pursuing her PhD.

Contact us for more information.

We Are More Effective Than The Military Schools and Boot Camps In Texas


We have years of experience helping teens from Texas. While a military school or boot camp might seem as though it will be more effective, particularly if your daughter has issues with defiance, a therapeutic approach is far more likely to help your teen make changes that will last in the long term. We are dedicated to helping each girl that stays with us gain the skills she needs to move confidently forward to adulthood and helping each family navigate the process to return to hope and peace. Contact us today at 1-877-830-7012.