Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Missouri

Troubled Missouri teenage girls are going to be extremely grateful to their parents for stepping in when they needed them most and finding a resident therapy program that provides professional help in the form of therapy and academic support.

Not every facility has a good program for teen girls, and boot camps and military schools for girls in Missouri are some of the most controversial. Havenwood Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that helps teen girls and their families to overcome some of the toughest mental health challenges out there.

Calling 1-877-830-7012 is the best way to get all the information about Havenwood Academy to make an educated decision.

Why Havenwood Academy?

It’s hard to imagine sending a child to a boarding school, but once Missouri parents realize the quality of the program at Havenwood Academy and the care given by the experienced staff members, it makes things a little easier. Havenwood Academy is definitely going to impress even the most hesitant parents with the wide range of features, such as equine therapy, academic support, group and individual therapy and much more. Teen girls can become their best selves when attending Havenwood Academy.

Havenwood Academy is also a good choice for families because it is more affordable than similar programs like boot camps and military schools for girls in Missouri. As a residential treatment center, Havenwood Academy qualifies for most family insurance plans, which helps to offset the costs of the enrollment and care. Many other teen help programs don’t have the same advantage, making Havenwood Academy that much more appealing for Missouri parents.

Troubled Teens and Missouri Statistics

Far too many teenagers feel like they are in a place where adults simply can’t help them, or else they are resistant to that help. They do anything they can to push down their pain and avoid dealing with the problem directly. Teen girls in Missouri will engage in risky activities and behavior to try to get away from their troubles, and the results are extremely harmful to both their bodies and minds.

These Missouri numbers should make every parent pay attention:

  • 37 percent of teen girls in the state have had alcohol over the last month
  • 6 percent of teenagers in Missouri abuse prescription drugs
  • 21 percent of Missouri teenage girls report binge drinking
  • Just 85 percent of high school teens across the state even graduate
  • For suicides per state, Missouri ranks 18th

It’s heartbreaking for Missouri parents to witness the bad choices their daughters are making. It’s never a good idea for parents to simply wait it out, hoping their bad behavior will eventually disappear someday. Teens that are sent to boot camps and military schools are just not going to receive the kind of attention and care that they would if they went to a resident therapy school. Missouri parents must learn to do their research and find a facility before their teen girl’s behavior becomes damaging to herself and others.

What Is Better Than Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Missouri?

There are lots of different programs for teens and they go by many names. Parents in Missouri that are just starting out on the journey to find a therapy facility for their wayward daughters may not understand the differences. Military schools and boot camps for Missouri girls may seem like the right choice, but most of the program are either short term, don’t offer any academic support, don’t have licensed therapists on staff and don’t offer the range of healing help needed for girls to recover fully.

Here are just a few of the things that a residential boarding school can provide to teen girls from Missouri:

  • Caring mentors that provide structure and support
  • Certified teachers that run small classrooms and are trained in special education
  • Licensed therapists that hold group and individual sessions
  • Equine therapists that help teens with communication and behavior improvement
  • Outdoor recreation therapists provide kids with a chance to enjoy themselves and boost self-esteem
  • Life skills classes are designed to teach teens about becoming an adult, from budgeting and laundry to leadership and teamwork.
  • Extracurricular activities like sports, art, music and more help teens develop talents and skills.

Military schools and boot camps are just not going to be competitive with therapeutic boarding schools, so Missouri parents should definitely avoid those programs and focus on ones with significant results. Therapeutic schools and similar long-term teen help programs will provide the expertise, time and therapy that teens need to find success again.

Choose Havenwood Academy Instead of Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Missouri

There is a key moment in a teen girl’s life when her behavior is getting worse but she hasn’t yet participated in things that can harm her future completely. It’s in that moment that Missouri parents need to step in and arrange for the help she needs to move beyond her issues and learn coping skills and life skills lessons. Havenwood Academy is a really great place for many girls that need schooling, therapy and that extra level of support and structure that they are not finding at traditional schools or at home.

Parents in Missouri can call 1-877-830-7012 to get all the details about Havenwood Academy and how the programs can motivate girls to heal.

Teens from These and Other Cities in Missouri Will Thrive at Havenwood Academy

Springfield, Independence, Kansas City, St. Louis, Lee’s Summit, Columbia, O’Fallon, St. Joseph, St. Peters, St. Charles, Blue Springs, Florissant, Joplin, Chesterfield, Cape Girardeau, Jefferson City and Wildwood.


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