Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Mississippi

Mississippi parents of troubled teen daughters desperately want to find professional help in dealing with emotional struggles and mental health conditions. If they haven’t yet considered a therapeutic boarding school, that should become a top priority. Unfortunately, there are programs out there like military schools and boot camps that pass themselves off as successful resident therapy facilities. The truth is, there are many exceptional programs that don’t have anything to do with military-style treatment. Instead of boot camps and military schools for girls in Mississippi, parents should avoid those and look for a resident boarding school with a good reputation.

Havenwood Academy has treated many teen girls from Mississippi and across the country. Parents with interest may dial 1-877-830-7012 to get additional information on the school.

Should Parents Choose Havenwood Academy?

Many Mississippi parents want to make things with their troubled teenage daughter all better, just as when she was a child. But even the best and most caring parents cannot combat issues that affect some teens today, like depression, substance abuse, undiagnosed ADD/ADHD, anxiety, bipolar, and more. These issues can affect a teen at home, school and in the community and not in a positive way. Havenwood Academy staff has experience in dealing with teen girls that suffer from these very real problems, and they also have lots of success stories of those who have received treatments and learned how to overcome these challenges.

Many insurance plans that Mississippi families already have in place can help with the cost of Havenwood Academy. This information often convinces Mississippi parents to go ahead and enroll their girls in the program, because even though they desire the best, costs can sometimes be prohibitive. With a long history of success, and affordable price tag and proven results, Havenwood Academy is the right place for parents of troubled Mississippi teens.

Looking at Behavior Statistics for Mississippi Teenagers

It is truly difficult for teenagers to open up and allow adults in to help them. Many Mississippi parents simply don’t know where to turn for professional help, like therapy. They often sit back and hope their child grows out of it, but that isn’t likely to happen with mental health issues. Teens can take their frustration, pain and panic and channel them into bad behavior.

Look at what the state of Mississippi has recorded for teens:

  • 21 percent of Mississippi teen girls drank before turning 13
  • 34 percent were under the influence of alcohol in the past 30 days
  • 32 percent of MS girls in their teens experiment with marijuana
  • Only 75 percent of teens even graduate from Mississippi schools
  • In suicide rates, Mississippi ranks 40th in the United States

Bad behavior is a sign of a frustrated teenager who may be calling out for help in the only way she knows how. Parents in Mississippi should not ignore their teen daughter, hoping she grows out of it. Therapy and professional care is the most important thing she needs to get happy and healthy. Havenwood Academy can be that place, and Mississippi parents are welcome to start investigating the possibilities.

Avoiding Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Mississippi

When teen girls in Mississippi aren’t getting the right type of help from their resident boarding program, it can actually be more detrimental to them in the long run. Military schools tend to focus on changing their behavior due to fear of punishment or to avoid unpleasantness. While this can change the teen’s behavior, it doesn’t address the deeper problems and what is causing the issues in the first place. Teens need all the help they can get to tackle the challenges of life, and a therapeutic boarding school is a much better place to get those skills.

The reason that therapy schools are successful is because of the professional approach to healing from the inside out. The teens work with experienced staff members that really do want to help. Mississippi girls at a boarding school live in a family style or dorm style atmosphere, one that is secure, safe and structured. Expectations for contributing to chores are clear, and the group works on communication and teamwork, plus learning responsibility for themselves and others.

Licensed therapists meet with girls several times per week for group and individual sessions. Together, they explore the issues and work to unpack any issues that are triggering bad behavior. Over time, the girls can identify their issues and then learn coping mechanisms on how to deal with them. Using the skills they learn at boarding school, they are better prepared to enter the real world.

Academics are not ignored at a therapeutic boarding school, and many are accredited and can offer a diploma upon completing the appropriate coursework. Certified teachers who have training in dealing with special education students are hard at work getting kids up to grade level, repairing credits and moving them toward graduation.

Of course, recreation therapy is part of a therapeutic school for troubled teens. From equine therapy and outdoor adventure sports to music, sports, art, drama and more, the extracurricular programs at resident boarding schools will boost each girl’s self-esteem, teaches them about teamwork and gives them a chance to develop skills and hobbies that will last a lifetime.

All in all, Mississippi girls that attend a resident program like Havenwood Academy have the best chance of a long and healthy recovery where they will easily join the adult world with all the tools they need to be a success.

Make Havenwood Academy a Top Choice for Mississippi Parents

There’s little doubt that Havenwood Academy may be the best option for parents of teen girls who are struggling. When they have the structure and support from the people at Havenwood, the sky is the limit and they will be best prepared to endure the highs and lows in life. Mississippi parents should know that their daughters are being well cared for as they enter their recovery phase, and leave the bad behavior and problematic mental health issues aside. Havenwood Academy is the answer for families seeking solutions.

Parents can call 1-877-830-7012 for more details on the programs presented at Havenwood Academy.

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