Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Iowa

There are certain things that Iowa parents want for their teen daughters, such as succeeding in school, staying safe and making responsible choices. When the Iowa girls struggle with these and other issues, it can signal serious mental health issues or emotional distress. Many Iowa parents are ill-advised to turn to military programs and boot camp facilities that promise to transform the girls within weeks. However, such teen help programs are not good ideas for the long run and won’t provide the long-lasting healing they must have.

Havenwood Academy is definitely going to answer any Iowa parent’s questions when they call 1-877-830-7012 for more information.

How is Havenwood Academy Better?

Havenwood Academy can be a shelter in the storm for both troubled teens and parents in Iowa. Struggling teenagers often lack the structure and support they need as parents and teachers seem to make less and less of an impact in their lives. When it comes to mental health, however, even the most well-meaning parents can’t overcome the challenges the teens face. Only professional therapy and a healing environment will motivate teen girls to change from the inside as they identify and then overcome their unique issues. Havenwood Academy has a long track record of successful treatment and significant healing.

There’s more to Havenwood Academy than therapy, however, and parents and teens that learn more about the programs are always surprised at how comprehensive the boarding school is. While recovery is a big issue for Iowa parents, who want the best for their daughters, there’s more to this program than just therapy. Recreation therapy plays a big role in boosting self-esteem, establishing a sense of self-worth and opening the door for teamwork and leadership. From equine therapy to sports to music, Havenwood Academy has a number of programs to make every girl feel better about herself.

Iowa Teenage Behavior By The Numbers

When teenage girls in Iowa don’t get the help they really need for their metal issues, they can turn to friends and reckless behavior to cover up their frightened and frustrated feelings. When the behavior moves from harmless to harmful, it’s easy to see why parents become very worried. Iowa parents that are noticing an ever-growing trend of bad behavior should definitely intervene and figure out how best to help their daughter.

These Iowa statistics are some of the most startling:

  • Thirty-one percent of American teen girls have used alcohol in the last thirty days
  • Thirty-seven percent of girls in the country (ages 12-17) have experimented with marijuana
  • Four percent if Iowa teenage girls abuse prescription drugs
  • Only eighty nine percent of teenagers here actually do graduate from an Iowa school
  • Iowa ranks thirty-sixth in the United States for suicide rates

With so many teen help programs out there, it’s easy for parents in Iowa to get confused. Many are fine resources that worried parents may utilize, while others (like military schools and boot camps for girls in Iowa) may not be able to deliver what they promise. Residents boarding programs are proving to be among the best ways for teen girls to get that professional help. Parents can contact Havenwood Academy for information on enrolling their child.

Don’t Go To A Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Iowa

Boot camps are among the most popular quick-fix programs for troubled teens. The premise is that using a faux-military approach and making girls live a sparse, highly physical life with few amenities will help the overcome their bad behavior and teach them to surpass it. However, such programs don’t get to the root of the issues that are causing the behavior in the first place. Teens can just overcome their mental health conditions on their own, but rather they need a safe and secure atmosphere where they can get professional guidance, therapy and mentoring to give them the best chance of working through their challenges.

Parents should seriously examine some of the benefits of enrolling a troubled Iowa teen girl into a therapeutic boarding school.

  1. Legitimate school support in an accredited program where the goal is a diploma.
  2. Certified teachers and tutors that have experience in specialized education.
  3. Top-notch therapists that really help teens get to understand their issues and develop strategies to overcome them.
  4. Consistent individual therapy and group therapy sessions.
  5. Outstanding recreation opportunities for teens, such as equine therapy, art, sports, music and outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking.
  6. Caring mentors, attentive staff and experienced administrators guide girls to be their best selves and learn how to transition to adulthood.
  7. Opportunities for girls to learn leadership, life skills, communication and teamwork.

Many teen girls in Iowa benefit from a therapeutic treatment school and get long-lasting help. At a boot camp program, there might be some short-term behavior modification but nothing that would approach the quality of care they need. Iowa parents would be wise to consider a school such as Havenwood Academy for their troubled teen.

Teen Girls Living in Iowa Will Thrive at Havenwood Academy

The parents of Iowa teens who struggle don’t have to do things alone. While parents may be well-meaning, there are definitely advantages to enrolling daughters in a resident program where they are surrounded by experienced workers who know what it takes to treat them and get them on the right path, behaviorally, academically and emotionally.

Havenwood Academy representatives will be happy to answer the questions of any Iowa parent who calls 1-877-830-7021 for more details.

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