Boots Camps And Military Schools for Girls In California

It’s very difficult to be the parent of a troubled teenage girl in California and to feel like you have nowhere else to turn. After all, therapy and professional help is expensive, so you may be considering boot camps and military schools for girls in California. They advertise fast results in a short time period and promise that your teenage girl will turn over a new leaf right away. However, many of those types of teen help programs are not what your teenager needs. Havenwood Academy is an all girls program that will help teens find hope and health again.

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Why Pick Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood Academy is a much better program for teenage girls than boot camps and military schools in California. Because this is a therapeutic facililty, we focus on academics and therapy together. Our goal is to help troubled teenage girls learn that they are more than their bad choices, and that they have mental health issues that can be overcome. We want to help families get back together and to guide girls to a healthier and more successful place in life.

Havenwood Academy takes great pride in being an affordable option for parents who are looking at teen boarding schools, boot camps and military schools in California. Because we can bill insurance companies for many of our treatments, Havenwood Academy is a much more affordable option for you than programs where you must pay for everything out of your own pockets. All this and more are the reasons why so many California families choose Havenwood Academy for their troubled teen girls.

Common Problems That Teenage Girls in California Face Without Boarding Schools for Girls

California teens are exposed to a number of challenges each day, and if they struggle with behavioral, emotion-based and mental illness issues, they may not be able to be successful. All too often, troubled teens act out and engage in risky behavior because they don’t know what to do or how to cope. As they enter that downward spiral, they are simply not able to turn things around without help.

Here are some California statistics on teens that will make you pay attention:

  • More than 10 percent of California teens used illicit drugs.
  • More than 15 percent of teenagers in the state used alcohol within the past month.
  • Just 80 percent of California teens graduate from high school.
  • California ranks 43rd in the country for teenage suicide.

At Havenwood Academy, we believe that every single teenaged girl deserves another chance at having the kind of life she’s always wanted. Sometimes, in order to escape risky behavior, teens need a change of scenery and a chance to be removed from their present life. Here at Havenwood Academy, we look forward to helping girls from California and across the country, one day at a time.

Boarding School Benefits More Than Boot Camps and Military Schools in California

Just compare the benefits of a boarding school with a military school, and you will soon see that your teen daughter is much more likely to embrace change and learn and grow when placed in the therapeutic program. Because the focus is on whole healing, and taking care of the issues that cause bad behavior, therapeutic boarding schools like Havenwood Academy have lots of success stories from teens who have entered our program and left as better people.

Take a minute to look at a few of the benefits that therapeutic boarding schools offer to teen girls:

  • Therapy focus. Licensed professionals hold numerous sessions with the teens, in groups and as individuals. They work on their emotional, behavioral and mental health issues together.
  • Academic focus. School is a big part of the kind of future a teen has in store for them, and certified teachers manage small classrooms where teens can focus on boosting their scores, repairing credit and earning a diploma.
  • Life skills. From leadership and setting goals to positive mentoring and becoming independent, the life skills that teen girls learn in boarding school will positively affect their lives for decades.
  • Positive peer pressure. At boarding schools, older students and mentors work with younger students to figure out that success is within their reach. The support and guidance they receive is one of the best tools to get teens to make changes.
  • Have fun. The more fun that girls have, the more they realize that life can be joyful and worthwhile instead of bleak and stressful. Outdoor recreation, outings, social events and more make boarding school a fun place to work and play.

It’s easy to see that therapeutic programs are designed with teenagers in mind and they implement the best programs for growth and progress, starting with the head and the heart. That’s why so many California parents choose Havenwood Academy for their troubled teen girls, and they are pleased with the results every time.

Choose Havenwood Academy Over Boot Camps and Military Schools in California

When girls from California need a place to live and go to school while receiving therapy, then Havenwood Academy ought to be a parent’s first choice. The family-style living, the top staff and faculty and the many success stories should be enough to convince parents that their daughter would be better off at our facility than sitting home, making the same mistakes.

We know what it takes to get teenage girls who are struggling back on the right track. While we want the change to come from the inside, we really believe that when teens are in a safe and structured environment with lots of support, amazing things can happen. At Havenwood Academy, our greatest joy is to see troubled teenage girls grow into inspiring young women.

We’d love to tell you more about Havenwood Academy, so please call us at 1-877-830-7012 and speak to one of our representatives.

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