Boot Camps and Military Schools in West Virginia

Parents in West Virginia may be opting for the wrong solution when they look into boot camps and military schools for their troubled teen girls. Such programs can actually be damaging because the pseudo-military atmosphere, strict rules and intimidation tactics employed may scare teens into good behavior temporarily, but do nothing to address the underlying therapeutic issues that are causing the problems. A therapeutic boarding school is a better choice because it offers at risk girls the structure that they need with the benefit of therapy to help them get to the bottom of their issues and make lasting changes in an environment of love, trust and accountability. At Havenwood Academy, we have crafted a program with the needs of teens in mind. Through a healthy balance of work and play, girls in our program can turn their lives around and become their best selves.

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Why Trust Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood Academy is a healthy and safe place for West Virginia parents to enroll their troubled daughters. Not only do we have many years of experience dealing with adolescents and the many issues they face, but we also work to provide an environment that promotes physical health as well. In addition to helpful talk therapy, we also offer a variety of therapy options that give each girl the opportunity to explore and thrive through multiple activities. Our equine therapy curriculum is particularly popular and effective and research has shown that troubled teens respond extremely well to working with horses.

Notable Numbers for Teens in West Virginia

Dangerous behavior can be an indicator of deeper issues that must be identified and resolved in order to heal. Substance abuse, depression, anxiety, past trauma and mental health problems can leave a teen feeling frustrated, alone and misunderstood. Statistics for teens in West Virginia include:

  • 49% teen pregnancy rate
  • 40th in the country for suicide
  • 15% drink alcohol
  • 6% experiment with illegal drugs
  • Over 800 adolescents in WV were arrested for crimes in 2008
  • Only 76% of teens graduate

Addressing these issues as early as they become a problem can help your teen get her life back on track and give her the greatest chance for healing. Havenwood Academy has successfully helped hundreds of teens from Nebraska and throughout the United States overcome their challenges and move forward into the future with confidence.

Give Your Troubled Girl Her Best Chance With Havenwood Academy

We understand that you are anxious that the destination you choose for your girl should be safe, experienced and structured and that is exactly the kind of facility we strive to maintain. It is important to us that you have confidence in your decision and we are always here to answer your questions and alleviate any concerns you might have. Among the advantages we offer are:

  • A licensed and qualified staff that understands that the needs of troubled teens are different than those of adults.
  • Peer positive interaction is encouraged and group therapy sessions allow each girl to build and support her peers, while building healthy relationships.
  • We provide an academic program with credits that can be transferred toward a diploma.
  • Our location is scenic, private and secure, allowing us to incorporate as much of the great outdoors into our curriculum as possible.
  • Therapy programs that are designed to help teens learn about building trust, communicating effectively and responsibility.
  • Training in life skills such as cooking and laundry to help each girl have the tools she needs for real life.
  • Unlike most other teen help programs, we are able to accept some insurance plans to help cover or offset the cost of placement. This is rare among therapeutic boarding schools, but we believe that quality care for your daughter shouldn’t bankrupt you.

West Virginia Teens Can Thrive At Havenwood Academy

We know that you are tired, frustrated and worried and our aim is to help you and your family get back on track. There are better options for your daughter than boot camps and military schools in West Virginia and we are here to help you find the best solution for you. We are confident that each girl is capable of changing and recognizing her great potential, regardless of her past. Let contacting Havenwood Academy be the first step toward healing and peace.

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