Boot Camps And Military Schools for Girls In Pennsylvania

As the parent of a troubled teen girl in Pennsylvania, don’t you dream of a day when she is doing well in school, excited about her future and happy to spend time with friends and family? Your dream could come true when you enroll her in a therapeutic boarding school. They are superior in many ways to boot camps and military schools for girls in Pennsylvania. Therapeutic boarding schools that specialize in behavior problems in teen girls are the types of facilities your daughter needs right now.

Havenwood Academy is a fantastic boarding school that serves girls from across the United States. To learn more about how such programs work, please contact Havenwood Academy today at 1-877-830-7012.

Why Havenwood Academy?

There are two reasons why Havenwood Academy is so attractive to Pennsylvania parents who are seeking options to help their teen daughters. The first reason is that Havenwood Academy is very affordable. It’s no secret that full-time care and boarding schools can be quite costly. The advantage of enrolling your daughter at Havenwood Academy is that we will bill most family insurance plans. When insurance covers some or most of the cost of the program, suddenly the impossible seems possible again. Havenwood Academy is the therapeutic school of choice for many families, in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Dedicated to providing a way for teens to overcome all mental health, social and academic problems, Havenwood Academy ranks as one of the finest facilities that really offer more than boot camps and military schools for girls in Pennsylvania. We blend schoolwork, mental health counseling and recreation activities to give girls the boost they need to start down the road to recovery. Instead of participating in risky behavior, the girls start to grow and develop under the watchful care of professionals in a safe and healthy setting.

What Issues Do Troubled Teens In Pennsylvania Face?

Wayward teenage girls can have a hard time stopping themselves from participating in activities and behaviors that can lead to big trouble at school and at home. In some cases, they can even get in trouble with law enforcement. All these things really jeopardize their once-bright future. Unless they start getting some counseling from a professional therapist, lots of teen girls will be forever haunted by their choices.

Pennsylvania teen girls who need help may show up in statistics like these:

  • In the United States, 18% of females drink before 13 years old
  • Nearly 34% of American teen females have used marijuana
  • The number of teen girls who admit to using cocaine within the past month is 2%.
  • Only 85% of Pennsylvania teens graduate from high school.
  • Pennsylvania’s national rank in teen suicides is 31.

Teens can’t find a way out of their growing problems and issues on their own—they need parents and trained professionals to work with them to heal and grow. Havenwood Academy can be one place where troubled teenage girls from Pennsylvania can be surrounded by positive peer pressure, caring mentors, dedicated teachers and top therapists. In no time, Havenwood Academy students discover an inner strength that gives them the ability to overcome some of the biggest challenges they will ever face.

Why Aren’t Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Pennsylvania Good Enough?

Boot camps and military schools for girls in Pennsylvania are simply not equipped—either with staff or the facility—to provide the teens with the tools required to discover their mental health challenges and figure out ways to get beyond them. These lesser programs just don’t have what it takes to inspire and sustain those long-term changes that teen girls need.

Here is a quick list of some of the things that therapeutic boarding schools excel at:

  • Therapeutic healing is the key to dealing with all kinds of issues, from ADD/ADHD and anxiety to depression and substance abuse.
  • High quality, certified teachers that spend every day guiding students with academic difficulties to repair credit and get to grade level, and earn a diploma.
  • Family therapy is another important aspect of getting girls and their parents and siblings to a healthy place where they can support each other and progress.
  • A range of different therapies are generally part of a boarding schools and can include equine therapy, art and music classes, sports, outdoor adventure therapy, and much more.
  • Some programs include life skills training that can range from basic independent living skills to vocational training and community service.

Boot camps and military boarding schools won’t have all these components, nor will they be able to house Pennsylvania girls for the long term. By contrast, our therapeutic boarding school is the right place and now is the right time for troubled teen girls to get a second chance.

Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Pennsylvania Can’t Compete With Havenwood Academy

Havenwood Academy is a facility specifically for teen girls from Pennsylvania and many other states. We are located in Utah, a state with very strict laws on how teen help programs are run. At our boarding school, Pennsylvania parents like you can feel confident that they are making the right decision about what to do with their troubled teen.

Our positive atmosphere fosters learning and growth in all the best ways—emotionally, academically, socially, physically and mentally. Havenwood Academy is the type of boarding school with a long record of success for transforming teenage from problematic to independent and healthy again.

If you would like to receive more information on Havenwood Academy and how we can help troubled teen girls from Pennsylvania, please call our number here: 1-877-830-7012. It’s never too late to take this first difficult step on your daughter’s behalf.

Havenwood Academy Helps Teenage Girls From Pennsylvania Living in These Cities:

Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, Erie, Philadelphia, Chester, Penn Hills, Upper Darby, Reading, Lower Merion, Lancaster, Levittown, Altoona, Bensalem, York, Drexel Hill, Williamsport, Bethel Park, Ross Township, Norristown, Scranton, Bethlehem, Mount Lebanon, Radnor, Shaler Township, Allentown, and Monroeville.


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