Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Louisiana

Louisiana parents want their teen daughters to have every successful advantage in life, but when mental health issues plague struggling teens it can affect them in the most negative ways. Many parents turn to resident treatment programs for their teens, but not all facilities and philosophies are equal. Instead of looking at boot camps and military schools for girls in Louisiana, parents should seek out reputable boarding schools that provide therapy and academic support. Havenwood Academy is an all-girls treatment program that welcomes participants from Louisiana and across the country.

Interested parents should call Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 for more details on what they need to get their daughters into a successful boarding school for troubled teens.

Choosing Havenwood Academy

Havenwood Academy is a top teen rehab school and it is the first choice of many Louisiana parents. The programs that Havenwood Academy offers are second to none. The school provides top academics, recreation therapy, equine therapy, counseling sessions, and much more. There aren’t many benefits of going to boot camps or military schools when therapy schools like this exist. No matter what the teen’s background—anxiety, depression, abuse trauma, bipolar, substance abuse or something else—she will find the help she needs at Havenwood Academy.

Not only is Havenwood one of the best program around, it is also quite affordable for families with a basic insurance program. Many of the charges that Havenwood Academy has can be billed directly to the insurance, making the cost of treatment much more affordable that those of other programs like military school that don’t qualify. While Louisiana parents would do just about anything for their troubled teen girls, the fact that an excellent program for them won’t break the bank is reassuring indeed.

Troubling Statistics in Louisiana for Teens

It’s definitely going to make a difference in a teen’s life if she engages in risky behavior and does something that harms herself, others and her future. Parents should look at the warning signs of teen behavior and recognize when the activities are merely part of a typical rebellious phase and when they are a real cry for help.

These are just a few of the surprising things teens in Louisiana do by the numbers:

  • 15 percent of American teen girls drink before their 13th birthday
  • 5 percent of Louisiana teens abuse prescription medications
  • Just 67 percent of LA teens graduate from HS each year
  • Louisiana ranks 25th in the USA in suicide rates

There’s definitely going to be a wake-up call when troubled teen girls lose some of their freedom to behave badly, and it’s definitely going to keep teens from making much progress in their lives. Parents are doing the right thing by asking for professional help and getting their kids enrolled in a program that is safe, structured and designed to help the kids help themselves.

Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Louisiana Can Have Negative Effects

It’s no longer appropriate for troubled teens to be put into programs that use harsh treatments, tough schedules, rigid disciplinary measures and more. These are typical of boot camps and military schools, and many of these programs don’t offer any therapeutic or academic components. Parents in Louisiana should be aware that their choices extend far beyond boot camp-style programs that focus more on behavior modification than on getting to the heart of each teenager’s issues.

Here is a list of why therapeutic boarding and residential treatment schools are better than other teen programs out there:

  • The location is a safe and structured boarding school where tens live in family home or dorm-style settings.
  • Teens participate in community activities to benefit their group, such as laundry, cooking, chores and more.
  • Certified teachers hold classes daily so teens can repair credit, take new classes, get specialized help and work toward graduation.
  • Licensed therapists work with teenagers in group and individual sessions so that they can isolate and work on the mental health issues that are holding them back.
  • Recreation therapy, like equine therapy, helps teens develop communication skills, leadership skills and have some fun with peers and mentors.
  • Family therapy helps teens and parents restore tense relationships and prepare the way for teens to return home eventually.

There’s no reason to look elsewhere when a place like Havenwood Academy welcomes Louisiana girls with open arms. Louisiana parents shouldn’t make the mistake of choosing a program just because it is close to home or promises big results in just a few weeks. Therapeutic healing is intense and doesn’t happen overnight. Therapeutic boarding schools are definitely the way to go to get Louisiana teen girls the help they require.

Havenwood Academy is the Best Place for Louisiana Troubled Teen Girls

Before teens get into too much trouble and take action that potentially ruins their future, parents should start researching what it takes to get them enrolled in a therapy boarding program. Havenwood Academy is proud of its reputation as a school with a positive atmosphere and top staff. It only takes a short time to see why Havenwood is so successful. Parents should do their families a big favor and check the school out for themselves.

Louisiana parents that want more information should call 1-877-830-7012 and discover why Havenwood Academy is the right place for their troubled teenager. .

Havenwood Academy Welcomes Teens From These Louisiana Cities:

Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Shreveport, Kenner, Lake Charles, Bossier City, Alexandria, Monroe, Houma, New Iberia and Slidell.


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