Why Trauma and Attachment Disorders Go Hand-In-Hand

May 15, 2022

Attachment is the term for a child’s connection with their caregiver, most often their mother. This bond impacts so much of a child’s life, from their mental state to their education. This connection is made in the first few years of life and makes or breaks the child’s ability to build other relationships, behave, and…

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The Importance of Self-Affirmations

May 12, 2022

Self-confidence and assurance play a more significant role in one’s performance than most people realize. When someone gets down on themselves, it’s more than just a momentary lapse of confidence. The negative things people say to themselves linger. Those self-deprecating jokes or negative thoughts may seem meaningless, but they impact self-worth and affect every aspect…

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Why Trauma-Informed Education Is Imperative

May 8, 2022

As most people know, education is a vital aspect of every child’s life. School is where children and adolescents spend most of their days and learn a lot of what they know about life. Unfortunately, over half of the children in public schools are exposed to violence and trauma at some point in their lives. This commonality…

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Why Talking to Someone (Even When You’re Not Sure You Want To) Is Important

May 5, 2022

It can feel uncomfortable talking to someone about emotions and pain. Individuals may not even want to take that step because it feels vulnerable. This does take an incredible amount of courage and vulnerability, but sometimes, being vulnerable provides the strength to heal. Without talking to someone about struggles, traumas, and emotions, a person may…

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Signs of Trauma in Teens

Apr 28, 2022

Teen behaviors can be hard to read. Teens are in a phase of life where they are learning how to become independent and enjoy newfound freedom. In that effort, sometimes they make mistakes or can display strange behaviors. Some are normal reactions to things that bother them or are learning experiences; for example, a breakdown…

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How Parent Coaching Can Change Parent-Child Relationships

Apr 25, 2022

Most people think of coaching from the aspect of sports. Coaching can come in many forms, and one of the little-known coaching opportunities can come in what seems like an unlikely place. Parent coaching is exactly what it sounds like—it is a great way for parents to learn develop strategies for success, meet their kids…

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The Brains of Adopted Children

Apr 21, 2022

Adoption is a wonderful step forward for families, but children can bring their trauma with them, especially if they were adopted later in their childhood. This could alter family dynamics, as adopting children at different stages of their lives can feel different than imagined. There are cases where adoption at any age can feel seamless,…

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Dealing With Placement and Inpatient Treatment

Apr 18, 2022

Placement in a treatment program can be a very difficult transition for children and parents. When behaviors overwhelm or a child’s mental health is too extreme to handle safely at home, it may be time to transition to placement in inpatient treatment. There is a lot to consider when a family is discussing the placement…

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The Immense Benefits of Family Therapy

Apr 15, 2022

Therapy can feel like a broad term, as there are many different modes and types of therapy. For children especially, one of the greatest forms of therapy is family therapy. There are a lot of reasons to start family therapy, and these can include marital problems, parent-child conflict, blended family issues, the effects of illness…

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