Anxiety in Teenagers

Anxiety is very common in teenagers and its occurrence is increasing rapidly.  In fact, of all the mental disorders suffered by teenagers, anxiety is the most common.  Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways which makes it rather difficult to clearly define.  However, a general definition of anxiety is a painful or apprehensive uneasiness of mind.  If this condition becomes chronic it can result in an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction and restlessness where nothing ever seems to be right.

Signs of Severe Teenage Anxiety

Signs of severe anxiety may include the following:

  • Unusual Anger
  • Depression
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Substance abuse
  • Secretive behavior
  • Unusual changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Bad hygiene or meticulous attention to hygiene
  • Compulsive or obsessive behavior

Teenagers suffering from severe anxiety will generally lack the resilience to properly handle normal everyday situations.  What seems normal to a person without anxiety, will seem overwhelming or impossible to a teenager suffering from severe anxiety.  What one teenager may view as a means to an end, a teenager suffering from severe anxiety will likely see as an end.

What should a parent do if he/she believes their teenager is exhibiting signs of severe anxiety?

If your teenager is exhibiting signs of severe anxiety you should immediately seek professional assistance.   Havenwood specializes in helping teenagers who suffer from severe anxiety.  We would be happy to consult with you to determine how we can help–CALL NOW.


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