Havenwood Academy’s vision is to assist struggling teens in achieving their academic goals in four ways: developing character through responsibility and by caring for family units and their  community; achieving academic excellence by learning skills pertaining to organization, time management, and prioritizing; personal growth through increased self-confidence via social and academic improvements; and developing determination in troubled youth to surpass failure to overcome obstacles.

By achieving ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, our students learn organization, time management, prioritization, concentration and motivation.

By GROWING PERSONALLY, our students gain the self-confidence that they need to grow academically and socially.

By learning and applying DETERMINATION, our students learn to refuse to give into failure and gain strength to overcome all obstacles.

Educational Program

At Havenwood Academy Schools, we offer a fully accredited (AdvancED), well-rounded academic program tailored toward the academic needs of all students. We focus heavily on academic achievement, remediation, character development, personal growth, motivation and determination.

 We see our students as individuals fully capable of achieving and developing the skills necessary for life-long learning. By providing a multi-tiered system of support, we have the capabilities of reaching every student at her level.

Academic success is developed by building self-confidence within the classroom. At Havenwood, we utilize a relationship-based approach where our students learn to trust teachers, other students, and the process of learning. The outcome is a confident student who is once again determined to succeed.

Academic Design and Structure

Havenwood Academy students are on a block schedule in which they take eight courses per semester. We are on a three-semester calendar, including Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Along with the core content areas, students will be enrolled in a variety of elective courses. Elective courses will vary depending on the semester.

Classes will revolve around a combination of online curriculum, focused teaching, academic field trips, and pullout assistance for those needing additional instruction.

In addition to regular classes, students will be assigned an Independent Study class. During this course, students will work individually, with teaching assistance, to make up deficient credit.

Educational field trips and guest speakers will be included in the Havenwood curriculum. This will enhance the educational enrichment process of learning.

The classroom is a structured environment where students are expected to follow the same guidelines assigned in the program. Our goal is to ensure that students are prepared to re-enter a regular school setting and be on track for graduation.

Havenwood offers a Skill Building course. This course focuses on preparing students for future success and includes: college and career inventories, scholarship searches, ACT/SAT preparation, resume writing, and future focused planning.

Havenwood Academy School operates with a full academic staff of a licensed principal, licensed school counselor, two full-time lead teachers, and one 3/4 time math tutor.

Havenwood offers a bi-weekly Mobile Library that comes directly to the school. This allows students to continue to develop their academic reading skills. We also encourage reading for enjoyment.

GradPoint Curriculum

GradPoint is a web-based system that delivers rigorous, standards-based instruction. GradPoint delivers individualized instruction, a complete learning management system and core curriculum aligned with Utah State school standards.GradPoint1

Credit is issued upon successful completion of each semester course.  A minimum of 70%-75% must be achieved in each course to receive credit.

**Havenwood does not offer Honors or AP courses. Our philosophy is such that treatment needs to remain  the main focus for our students. We do not want students distracted from their critical treatment goals with the additional stresses of heavy homework schedules.


Daily Academic Schedule

Classroom A

Classroom A

Classroom B

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