"This is an absolutely amazing program. I felt so safe and loved at all times. These people are my family!"

-Program Graduate

"Being a high school dropout, a former meth addict, a teen runaway.. etc. was all in my decision to make, but the day I voluntarily accepted help is one of the days I am most thankful for in my life. This place truly works miracles. I am now 2 1/2 years sober, living on my own, & sharing my story with hundreds locally."

-Program Graduate

"I had always had problems with reactive detachment disorder since I was 7 months old. I was at a lost getting into trouble not really obeying my parents being disrespectful. My parents were at a loss also. That is till they found Havenwood Academy. I went there against my will but little did I know that they were going to help me so much. They had staff that love, care and support you. Not only did they say it they showed it. Even though I was not very happy about going to Havenwood at first by the end I was thankful that I had gone. They have changed my life forever. They taught me how to deal with my emotional problems in the right way. So I would recommend Havenwood as a very good place to send your daughter if she is struggling."

-Program Graduate

Havenwood is a Place of Healing

Havenwood Academy is a specialized residential treatment center for young women from ages 12 through 17.  Our specialty is treating attachment-related issues.  We are proud to be a leading organization in the treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Havenwood Academy uses evidence-based, state-of-the-art techniques and therapies to deal with the deep and complex trauma and attachment-related issues that are most often impeding a young woman's normal growth and development.  We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and innovate in providing the best possible help for our young women and their families.


Eric Allred

- Executive Director

Our Philosophy

" We strongly believe in a set of core values and principles that guide everything that we do at Havenwood. At the forefront is being obsessed with the needs, safety, and well-being of our young women and families. Honesty, accountability, a passion for learning and an expectation of excellence make up much of our other core values. By living by our values and principles in all we do, we find success in helping our girls and their families heal from very difficult trauma and move on to productive and healthy lives. "

Have Questions

We provide many resources available to you. Learn what resources you have for financing or more about

the details of our program. Get a better understanding of what Reactive Attachment Disorder is and how we treat it.

Financial Resources

Many parents struggle finding the funds necessary to send their children to get the treatment they need. Havenwood utilizing resources like Medicaid Insurance and Adoption Assistance Program Funding. Read more to see if these resources are available to you.

What is Reactive Attachment Disorder?

Children who suffer from RAD typically withdraw emotionally or act out inappropriately, including in anger and defiance. Dealing with a RAD child can be incredibly difficult for caregivers, as traditional parenting strategies are ineffective.

How Our Program Works

At Havenwood Academy, we believe in creating an environment that promotes change within teen girls suffering from attachment related issues. Through a combination of different therapy, we can begin the healing process for your daughter.

Meet Our Team


Executive Director

Eric Allred, MA, LMFT


Clinical Director

Alex Baird, LMFT


Equine Director

LoraLynn Jones


Education Director

Scott Sharp, M.Ed


Program Director

Chase Morgan

Ready to see if Havenwood is for you?

We are committed to doing everything in our power to help each young woman and family that we serve.  We will be the first to admit that our program is not for every young woman dealing with difficult issues.  That is why we work to assure we have the expertise and resources to assist your daughter prior to admittance.  Click on the button here and fill out our two minute form to find out if we can work together to help your daughter and your family.