Why Girls See The Needed Attitude Shift With a Therapeutic Boarding School’s Help

Why Girls See The Needed Attitude Shift With a Therapeutic Boarding School's Help

Attitude. Say it in a room full of parents of teenagers and watch the change in their physical body language. It’s because attitude is often the bane of their existence. Even good teens experience changes in attitude and behavior – it’s a natural part of the teenage experience. As their brains develop they begin to deal with more powerful emotions, increased independence and reasoning, but they aren’t fully developed to see big picture or have the patience necessary to control their emotions and opinions. The result? “Attitude.”

Attitude can be manifest in a variety of ways: eye-rolling, sighing, complaining, whining, questioning, back-talking, negotiating, testing boundaries, sarcasm, challenges, yelling, fighting, and even outright defiance. Many teens go through several stages involving these various behaviors, and it’s frustrating. With troubled teens, however, the attitude problems can be actually dangerous. Uncontrolled “attitude” in troubled teens can lead to rule-breaking, criminal activity, and resistance to change. How do you get your teen to change their attitude before it’s too late?

The good news is that it’s never too late. At least not if you’re willing to get help. With most troubled teens, there reaches a point at which parents have done all they can. They’ve addressed the attitude and behavior. They’ve implemented rules and consequences. They’ve tried reasoning and punishing and even bribing. But if it still isn’t working, the attitude shift will only come under more vigilant means.

Therapeutic boarding schools are a safe and effective option for teens with serious attitude problems. A therapeutic boarding school offers a system that expects and teaches good behavior, while also guaranteeing an education and addressing problems through therapy and practice. There are many reasons for attending therapeutic boarding schools, but serious attitude problems are a common part of each girl’s situation.

One reason therapeutic boarding schools work so well with attitude problems is that troubled girls are finally able to see what an attitude shift can do for them. While at home, an attitude shift can signal defeat or submission. They are often unable to see what an attitude shift means down the road. At a therapeutic boarding school, teen girls can only earn certain freedoms and privileges through attitude shifts, and they begin to learn the benefits and happiness that come with a more positive, healthy, cooperative attitude. When their choices are limited and they’ve been removed from the perceived power struggles of home, the attitude shift will occur normally and eventually.

If your teen girl has attitude issues that are hurting her and your family, it can feel hopeless and unending. Fortunately there is always help and options in a therapeutic boarding school, which can help spur an attitude shift that will permanently affect her life for the good.


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