What Your Daughter Will Never Expect from Schools for Troubled Teens


The thought of attending a school for troubled teens intimidates some girls at first. Many teens fight this decision since they don’t know what to expect and perhaps equate such a school with detention centers. Your daughter possibly thinks of this as punishment for her behavior. Equipping her with accurate information will make the transition easier and assure her that you’re sending her to a school for troubled teens because you care.

Realizing the following four things might ease your daughter’s concerns:

  • Understanding staff demonstrate their care and concern. The experienced staff at these schools have specific training to work with troubled teens. They know how to stay calm in difficult situations, and they know your child’s background. Their purpose isn’t to punish students into obedience but to help them make long-term changes through guidance, therapy and individualized attention. Instead of suspensions and detentions for misbehavior, your daughter will learn skills and coping mechanisms to help her change.
  • The schedule provides refreshing stability. As your daughter enters a new environment, she now presses a reset button on her life. The school schedules activities in ways that help the teens form new habits, breaking their old ones. Although parents provide structure for their kids, they can’t offer the same level of routine that a boarding school can. This structure makes it easier for your daughter to focus and stay on track with her goals. She’ll have less freedom than she’s used to, but as time goes by, she’ll come to appreciate the stability her predictable schedule provides.
  • She might learn to enjoy school. Your daughter has possibly had negative experiences with school up until this point. Mainstream schools operate to serve the ‘average’ student. Oftentimes, students with behavioral or emotional issues fall by the wayside where they flounder, and students with above-average intelligence find themselves bored, which sometimes leads to poor behavior. However, a school for troubled teens will tailor your daughter’s education to meet her needs. She’ll have access to better resources and activities to grow her interests.
  • Her relationships will improve. Most troubled teens struggle with interpersonal skills. A school for troubled teens teaches and refines these skills, setting your daughter up for success in her present and future relationships. She’ll learn how to handle conflict in healthy ways, how to stay calm in difficult situations and how to empathize with those around her. Her friendships and relationships will strengthen through this process, and she’ll find there’s less drama in her life when she uses the skills she’s taught.

By talking this decision over with your daughter, you can help her understand that this change isn’t one to fear. Rather, it is a step in the right direction to help her create the healthier life she wants, resulting in a future filled with hope.


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