Ways to Help My Sensitive Teen Daughter

Ways to Help My Sensitive Teen Daughter

Adolescence can be so hard for girls. Peers often say things that can crush their self-esteem. Sometimes, even when someone just mentions something like a hair out of place or there is pizza sauce on their face, they crumble. If you have a teen daughter who seems more sensitive than others, the following can help you.

Be Supportive During Sensitive Times

Many times, all your teen daughter wants to do is tell you what happened. She may not want to hear how to handle it or how she should feel about what happened. She just wants to tell you to vent.

If she is crying, give her a hug. Let her know that you love her, and that you are always available to her when she needs to get something off her chest.

While you can’t control the world and what people do to her, you can be there to catch her when she falls. Be sure she knows that by not only telling her, but also being physically there for her.

Coach Her with Solutions

If your daughter says, “I don’t know what I am going to do about it.” Work with her on possible solutions. It can be difficult to take a step back and not tell her what to do, but it’s important to do this, so your daughter can come up with ways she wants to handle it. These are skills she will be able to develop and use throughout her life.

If she needs help coming up with ideas, you can certainly give her some. However, give her the time and space to decide what she feels and thinks is best for her. Support her no matter what she decides (unless she will harm herself or someone else) because all of these situations are lessons she can learn from, even when she may not make the best choice.

Role Play with Her

One of the scariest things your daughter has to do is confront people who upset her. You can help her get over her fears by role playing with her. She can bring up a situation, possible solutions, and then you two can act out what may happen the next time something like that happens. This will help her see how it works, so she’ll feel comfortable doing it.

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