The Values of Havenwood Academy

Growth | Trusting Relationships | Extreme Ownership | Grit

Havenwood Values

The Values of Havenwood Academy

Growth, Trusting Relationships, Extreme Ownership, and Grit are the four values that embody our culture. The team at Havenwood Academy are made up of kind individuals looking to better the lives of our young women.


Trusting Relationships are Vital for Success

At Havenwood Academy, building and maintaining trusting relationships is at the heart of our approach to helping clients achieve their healing goals. Trust is essential for creating a safe and supportive environment where clients can open up, share their experiences, and begin to work through their challenges.

This trust is not only established between clients and mentors but also between all members of the Havenwood Academy team. We believe that when our team is united by a shared commitment to building trusting relationships, our clients feel more secure and supported in their healing journey.

Our mentors use trusting relationships to create a foundation for therapy, helping clients build a strong sense of connection and trust that enables them to engage more fully in the therapeutic process. This emphasis on building trust is a core component of our approach to healing, and we believe it is vital to our client's success.