Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Wyoming

Realizing that your teen daughter’s behavioral issues require more skilled help than you can offer can be troubling and emotional. Making the decision to send her to a full time facility can be a helpful move, but only if it effective for her and offers you peace of mind. At Havenwood Academy, we understand that it is difficult for parents to trust strangers with their child and we strive to offer solutions that have a history of success. Common issues like defiance, substance abuse, depression, sexual promiscuity and anxiety can have long lasting effects on teens and our qualified staff is able to help teen girls identify their personal issues and develop ways to overcome them.

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Who We Are And How We Can Help

Students at Havenwood Academy focus on personal coping skills and restoring the important relationships in their lives through teamwork and effective communication. We have developed an environment that is based on trust, accountability and love and place a particular emphasis on positive peer culture and individual leadership skills. We know that each girl is unique and should be treated like the individual she is when it comes to care and healing. We offer many treatment modalities, which increases each student’s chances of personal introspection and motivation. Other benefits of our curriculum include:

  • Empowering teen girls to own their recovery and take charge of their future. We believe that confidence is healthy and necessary for recovery.
  • An environment that encourages peer interaction and the formation of healthy bonds as a way to increase the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Close collaboration between departments regarding each student’s dietary, therapeutic and clinical agenda to make sure that each staff member is on the same page for each girl.

Some of the issues Wyoming teens deal with are:

  • 49% teen pregnancy
  • 2nd for suicide
  • 7.2% abuse marijuana
  • 19.7% drink alcohol
  • 3102 teens arrested for crimes such as vandalism, violence and substance abuse.

How Is Havenwood Academy Unique?

As you research facilities, you may be confused by the variety of options available throughout the nation and wonder which one is right for your daughter. It is important to assess each possible program and their speciality in conjunction with your teen’s most pressing needs. At Havenwood Academy, we have adopted methods that are developmentally appropriate for adolescents and the way they develop physically and emotionally. When creating a treatment plan, we take each girl’s personality, goals, interests, history and issues into account. Among the specific solutions we offer at Havenwood Academy are:

  • Talk Therapy – We employ both individual and group therapy in our program in order to give each student the chance to explore her own issues while also learning from and helping her peers.
  • Hands-on Therapy – Adolescents respond well to experiential therapy and hands on activities allow them to expand on the work they do in their talk therapy sessions. Through recreation, music, art and equine therapy, our student can explore a wide range of options.
  • Family Therapy – The recovery of the family relationship is one that we feel is essential for healing and can be tricky to manage without help. We guide both our students and their parents toward a place of unity, peace and forgiveness.
  • DBT Therapy – One type of therapy that we are qualified to present is dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT. This option helps teens learn how to alter their negative behavior patterns and develop better ways of coping through a cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness approach.
  • EMDR Therapy – Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR has been proven to be highly successful for individuals that deal with PTSD or particularly disturbing memories. Many parents feel confident with this type of therapy because it’s high history of success as well as the fact that it is non-invasive.

How Can Havenwood Academy Help Troubled Youth From Wyoming?

We are dedicated to giving the most effective, caring and complete care to every girl that enters our facility. Our staff is highly experienced and ready to give your daughter the support, love and intervention she needs to heal and successfully return home. It is important to us that you are comfortable with the curriculum and facility we provide and invite you to contact us today to see if we are a good fit for your family. Unlike many therapeutic boarding schools, we are able to accept insurance as a way to cover tuition, which can help ease the stress of this situation.

Call us now for a consultation about your daughter’s unique combination of needs and the ways we are prepared to help your family heal. 1-877-830-7012.

We Help Families Throughout Wyoming, Including:

Casper, Green River, Sheridan, Laramie, Cheyenne, Green River, Rock Springs, Gillette, Evanston, Torrington, Powell, Rawlins, Jackson, Riverton, Douglas, Lander, Cody, Lander, Worland, Kemmerer, Evansville, Buffalo, Mills, Newcastle, Wheatland, Glenrock, Thermopolis, Lovell, Afton, Bar Nunn, Greybull, Pinedale, Wright, Lyman


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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