Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Washington

Sending your daughter to a therapeutic boarding school for girls in Washington is a difficult decision, and not something you can decide lightly. However, as painful as that may be, it’s a much better alternative than watching her self-destruct because she isn’t getting the regular therapy or academic help she needs. Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Washington, like Havenwood Academy, are some of the best options for families at the edge of breaking down.

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Why Havenwood Academy?

There are plenty of reasons why Havenwood Academy stands out above the rest. As a highly reputable therapeutic boarding school, we have already helped hundreds of teens and their parents. We believe that our unique treatment program is the biggest reasons for our success. Managed by caring staff members that really know how to work with adolescents, Havenwood Academy is an outstanding facility for troubled teen girls in Washington.

Havenwood Academy also helps parents be able to afford a therapeutic boarding school for girls in Washington because we have the process set up to bill insurance companies for treatments. In other words, a family medical insurance can help pay part, some or all of the expenses, making it much easier for families to cover the costs associated with the boarding school services. Not all boarding schools and teen help programs can do this, so it is really significant that Havenwood Academy can offer this aspect to parents.

Statistics on Troubled Teenage Girls in Washington

There are far too many teenage girls in Washington that are struggling with mental health and behavior issues. When they are unable to receive the professional level of help they truly need, the teenage girls in Washington may do some risky things, and even hurt themselves. Parents who don’t wish to see their daughters end up as statistics should pay attention to these numbers.

Here are just some of the Washington state statistics for teen girls:

  • High school graduation: 76%
    Just 76 percent of Washington teenagers even graduate.
  • Juvenile arrests for property crime: 1,760
    In one year, there were 1,760 juvenile arrests for stealing property.
  • Drug abuse and juvenile arrests: 507
    More than 500 teens are arrested each year for drug-related activities.
  • Prescription drug use: 7%
    Teens in Washington admit that 7 percent of them have used prescription drugs belonging to someone else.
  • Suicide national ranking: 22nd
    Of all the states, Washington ranks 22nd for suicides.

It’s important for parents of troubled teen girls to take the necessary steps to ensure their daughters are heading toward a better future and turning away from the activities and negative behaviors that are dragging them down.

What a Top Therapeutic Boarding School Looks Like

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Washington are not all the same, and in fact, across the country there are a number of different programs, each with various standards, treatment philosophies and more. To find the best therapeutic boarding school for each teen girl’s needs, parents should do their research carefully.

Some of the best things about quality boarding schools include:

  • Licensed therapists that provide both individual counseling and group therapy sessions.
  • Well-trained and experienced staff and administrators.
  • Certified teachers who hold classes for teens of all ages as they work toward a diploma.
  • Top recreational activities, like outdoor adventure programs or equine therapy.
  • Life skills workshops, where teens learn to cook, clean, do laundry, and more.
  • Family therapy sessions to repair relationships and prepare for transitioning home.

While there are lots of boarding school options across the country, Washington parents need to do the research to figure out which ones are best aligned with what they have in mind for their daughters. Havenwood Academy is dedicated to helping teens heal, and Washington parents can gain a great peace of mind by enrolling them there.

Havenwood Academy is a Prime Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls in Washington

Havenwood Academy is highly regarded, with a long history of success in helping troubled teenage girls from all over the country. Because we are located in a state with very high standards and all kinds of regulatory laws in place for facilities like this, we exceed some of the toughest scrutiny in the country. All this and more make Havenwood Academy an ideal place for teen girls in Washington to get the therapy and academic support they deserve.

At Havenwood Academy, we believe that every girl can face a better future after spending time with us. Call 1-877-830-7012 to learn more about our program.

Havenwood Academy Is The Right School For Teen Girls in Washington From The Following Cities:

Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Renton, Yakima, Spokane, Tacoma, Kirkland, Federal Way, Vancouver, Kennewick, Auburn, Marysville, Lakewood, Redmond, Olympia, Burien, Shoreline, and Sammamish.


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