Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Vermont

If a long term therapy program seems like the next solution for your troubled daughter, we have a solution that is experienced and safe. Havenwood Academy is a residential treatment center that aims to help troubled teen girls learn how to manage their daily challenges and develop healthier emotional habits. The environment we offer combines the best of therapy and healthy living as a way to help your daughter heal and achieve her goals. Our program supports the entire family and gives them their greatest option for success.

For questions about our facility or the ways that we can help your girl, please call us now at 1-877-830-7012.

Why Is Havenwood Academy The Best Solution For Your Troubled Girl?

You can rely on our extensive experience in working with at risk adolescents when it comes to helping your daughter. Our staff is qualified and hand-picked for their effectiveness in working with teens. We start by helping your girl identify the root cause of her negative behavior and then guide her through healing from the inside out. Through therapy and healthy activities that allow her to practice teamwork and good communication, she will come to understand, as we do, that there are no “bad girls,” simply bad choices. We believe that every teen girl can turn her life around with the right kind of help and Havenwood Academy is here to provide just that.

We know that every parent wants the safest and most effective care for their daughter, but their choice of program may not match what they can afford. Most programs are private tuition, causing more strain on already stressed out parents. At Havenwood Academy, we believe that effective care for your daughter and peace of mind for you shouldn’t have to put you in debt. We are accredited to accept some insurance programs that will pay for or help offset the cost of tuition. This same accreditation also allows us to offer more skilled therapy options to give your daughter the best chance for a successful outcome. Contact us today to determine whether or not your insurance applies.

Challenges Teen Girls In Vermont Face

The choices that girls make during adolescence can have a major impact on their future and their health, often permanently. For instance, among Vermont teens:

  • 10.8% use marijuana
  • 20% abuse alcohol
  • 13% binge drink
  • 14th in the nation for suicide.
  • 87% high school graduation rate
  • 963 juveniles were arrested for crimes in 2008

Each troubled girl deserves the chance to alter her life and receive the help she needs to do so through experienced caregivers. We strive to provide and structured and loving environment where each teen can explore her issues, make positive changes and thrive on a daily basis without the distractions and temptations that are derailing her success at home. We work closely with parents to ensure that each of our students is treated like the individual she is and address the issues that she struggles with most with expert and compassionate guidance. Havenwood Academy is a home where teen girls are taught through the principles of love, accountability and trust how to build the skills they need for success now and throughout their lives.

How A Therapeutic Boarding School Can Help Your Teen

Adolescent psychologists often recommend gender specific facilities for troubled teens as a way to eliminate some of the pressures and distractions of typical school settings. We specialize in helping each girl develop personal motivation through an assortment of therapy options. For instance:

  • We have developed a facility that is very family oriented and gives each student a chance to work on positive communication skills and problem solving on a daily basis.
  • Our curriculum includes experiential therapy options like, art, music, equine, culinary and recreation along with traditional talk therapy.
  • We emphasize teamwork and encourage each girl to practice positive leadership skills. We believe that healthy confidence is one of the keys to emotional success.
  • Our academic program allows our students to maintain their educational trajectory and avoid taking time away from their schooling.
  • Our location is scenic, private, secure and ideal for outdoor activities and skill building. Families from Vermont and throughout the country seek out our facility for both the safety regulations and the experience we can provide their daughter.

Havenwood Academy Can Give Your Teen A New Start

We know that sending your child away for care requires trust and we take that very seriously. It is important to us that you have confidence in the program and environment we provide. We invite you to call us today for a consultation about your girl and the ways our program can help her. We believe that we can help you find a good fit for your girl and get your family back on the path to peace. Call us today at 1-877-830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Supports Families Throughout Vermont, Including:

Winooski, Essex, St. Albans, South Burlington, Barre, Rutland, Montpelier, Bellows Falls, Waterbury, Northfield, Newport, Vergennes, North Bennington, Swanton, Poultney, Ludlow, Orleans, Manchester, Johnson, Lyndonville, Woodstock, Jeffersonville, Saxtons, North Troy, Barton


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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