Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Tennessee

Life is hard enough for teenagers who aren’t struggling with emotional or mental health issues. When those factors are added in, it can seem like Tennessee teenage girls have little hope of emerging into adulthood as healthy and well-adjusted people. When teens are scared, frustrated and haven’t received professional therapy, they can choose a path of rebellion, self-harm and even jeopardize their own futures. Many parents are finding that therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Tennessee are very effective in rehabilitating teens in trouble.

Havenwood Academy, a therapeutic school with programs that can make a real difference in a teen’s life, really can help. You are welcome to contact us at this number for more info: 1-877-830-7012.

Is Havenwood Academy A Good School?

Havenwood Academy may be one of the finest therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Tennesse for many reasons. Besides offering outstanding therapy sessions, we have an academic program that puts girls on the path to a diploma. Our staff members are highly qualified and possess all the certification necessary for working effectively with teenagers. Tennessee parents are often surprised at the detail and depth that our therapeutic boarding school program entails, and they are eager for their daughters to get started.

While Havenwood may seem far from Tennessee, the change of scenery is a very good thing for teen girls. Getting away from home, traditional school and past problems leads girls to a fresh new start. Our location has very strict regulations when it comes to how teen help programs like Havenwood Academy operate. Parents learn that it really is a benefit because we are closely watched by other agencies to ensure everything is above board.

Tennessee Troubled Teen Statistics

When teenagers don’t get professional therapy and help they deserve, they often turn to behavior that is shocking and scary for parents. They try to be brave and do risky things, or they use substances that help dull the pain and fear they face. Here are just a few of the statistics that teenagers in Tennessee are creating:

  • 19 % of Tennessee teen girls say they drank alcohol on or before age 13
  • 38 % of TN girls admit to marijuana use once in their lives
  • 11 % of teenage girls in Tennessee use inhalants to get high
  • Just 86 % of teenagers in the Volunteer State graduate from HS
  • The state of Tennessee ranks 27th in the US for suicide

Parents won’t need to experience the heartbreak of seeing their teenagers engage in such self-destructive behavior when they enroll them in a therapeutic boarding school for girls in Tennessee. The structure and support the girls receive at a place such as Havenwood Academy makes a real difference in their lives and how they learn and grow.

List of Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Tennessee

When girls arrive at a therapeutic school for teens, it can be a chance for them to get some actual professional attention for their mental health and emotional conditions. The staff at the school should be licensed and certified in all applicable areas, and the administration’s goals should match up with the family’s expectations. It’s a real bonus when the school provides academic instruction with accreditation as well. There are few things as wonderful as seeing a formerly troubled teen get a glimpse of a brighter future.

A few of the advantages of sending a teenage girl to a residential school like these include:

  • Low staff to student ratio
  • Dorm or house-style living conditions
  • Accredited academic program
  • Certified teaching staff
  • Licensed therapists with adolescent experience
  • Experiential therapy programs, like equine therapy
  • Positive peer pressure from mentors and administration
  • Family therapy to repair damaged relationships
  • Life skill lessons to foster independence
  • Community activities to benefit the boarding school and beyond

It’s an ideal situation for a troubled teen girl to leave behind her problematic past and start over in a school that is there to support her journey toward healing and growth. Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Tennessee are the solution that so many heartbroken parents have been looking for. The girls that graduate from such schools reunite with their family as new and improved versions of their former selves.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Tennessee Don’t Get Better Than Havenwood Academy

Havenwood Academy is a premiere therapeutic school with a track record of success. We are a one-of-a-kind residential school for teenage girls and we would love to talk to Tennessee parents and to those across the nation about what we can do to help out teenage girls with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Havenwood Academy is the right place to receive professional assistance.

If you are a Tennesee parent who would like to learn more about Havenwood Academy, please call 1-877-830-7012 for details.

Teen Girls Who Hail From These Tennessee Cities Can Be Helped By Havenwood Academy:

Nashville, Oak Ridge, Knoxville, Memphis, Morristown, Maryville, Elizabethton, Murfreesboro, Jackson, Franklin, Chattanooga, Calrksville, Collierville, Cleveland, Kingsport, Johnson City, Bartlett, Hendersonville, Smyrna, Gallatin, Spring Hill, Bristol, Shelbyville, Tullahoma, Lebanon and Maryville.


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