Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in South Carolina

Keeping South Carolina teen girls out of troubled and focused on school and the future is super tough but when the girls are challenged by mental health struggles or trauma from abuse or emotional hurt, it can feel impossible. Parents across the state who are worried about their daughters and the path they are heading should consider therapeutic boarding schools for girls in South Carolina. The right kind of boarding school can dramatically change a troubled teen’s future for the better.

Havenwood Academy, a reputable residential therapy school for teenage girls, is happy to share details with parents when they call 1-877-830-7012.

Why Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood Academy is a fine school to enroll troubled teen girls from South Carolina and across the country. Because of our location, Havenwood Academy is subject to some of the strictest laws in the nation. Our state heavily regulates teen resident therapy programs, so those that exist here must meet or exceed some pretty high standards. That’s good news for parents and teens who want a highly successful program with a good reputation.

Havenwood Academy also believes in experiential therapy and getting teenaged young women to believe in their own self-worth. Our licensed and certified professionals are devoted to helping teenagers overcome their emotional and mental health issues, and learn new coping skills and life skills that will help them transition from adolescence to adulthood. At Havenwood Academy, we’ve seen many teen girls from South Carolina transform their lives and we hope to help many others.

Statistics on Troubled Teens Who Live In South Carolina

Troubled teenagers often stumble upon activities and behaviors that make parents particularly worried. When there are plenty of things for teens to do to get in trouble at home, at school and with law enforcement, parents should step in and intervene. This is a list of some questionable behavior that teenagers are doing in South Carolina:

  • Fourteen percent of SC teen girls had a drink of alcohol before age thirteen.
  • Thirteen percent of girls ages 13-17 in South Carolina say they have participated in binge drinking (5 or so drinks in a short period of time).
  • Thirty-four percent of the state’s teenage girls have tried marijuana.
  • Only seventy seven percent of teenage girls and boys in SC will ever graduate from high school.
  • South Carolina’s national ranking for suicide: 23rd

Keeping a teenage girl safe from herself and others is a big part of a South Carolina parent’s job. When they can no longer do so and the teen girl is determined to engage in risky behavior, it is the perfect time to enroll them I a therapeutic boarding school for girls in South Carolina.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in South Carolina Create Environment For Change

When parents have done all they can do and teen girls in South Carolina are not finding success in school or at home, a therapeutic resident school may be exactly what is needed to trigger the internal changes. In the safe and structured environment of a residential treatment center, teen girls may be able to receive professional counseling and specialized academic support that will help them overcome their emotional, behavioral and mental health obstacles holding them back.

It’s important to understand the factors that contribute to such dramatic changes. First and foremost, the boarding school staff must really care about helping teens. They should also be properly certified, trained and licensed for what their jobs are, such as counseling, teaching or mentoring. The staff must also have experience in working with teenagers of all kinds, especially those that struggle with the more common conditions facing teens today, like anxiety, depression, bipolar, reactive attachment disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, substance abuse, abuse trauma and more. Under their caring guidance, girls really thrive.

Finally, the best atmosphere for health and healing is one that allows girls to learn and grow. This includes experiential therapy, equine therapy, outdoor recreation therapy, wilderness and survival programs and much more. Teen girls who struggle need to develop self-confidence, build relationships, believe in themselves and have fun. It’s then that they can identify who they really are and what they have the potential to do. Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in South Carolina can do all this and more.

Parents Should Choose Havenwood Academy

Havenwood has been the path of change for so many teenage girls from South Carolina and elsewhere to leave behind the negative behaviors and embrace a path that leads to a successful adulthood. Parents need to act now before their teen girls become so enmeshed in a negative life that it is extremely difficult to turn it around. Teenagers will definitely benefit from staying at Havenwood Academy, and we welcome any questions from parents who want to gain knowledge. Please call us at 1-877-830-7012 for details on our therapeutic boarding school.

These Amazing Cities Are Great For Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in South Carolina:

Charleston, North Charleston, Columbia, Mount Pleasant, Rock Hill, Greenville, Summerville, Sumter, Spartanburg, Hilton Head Island, Goose Creek, Myrtle Beach, Anderson, Greer, Mauldin, Florence, Aiken, Simpsonville, Hanahan and Conway.


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