Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Pennsylvania

What can Pennsylvania parents do when their teenage daughter is sabotaging her future by failing in school, engaging in risky behavior and putting herself in harm’s way? The answer is therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Pennsylvania. These specialized facilities are specifically designed for troubled teen girls who need a place to live, attend school and overcome mental health issues. It doesn’t really matter what your teenage daughter is struggling with, a therapeutic boarding school can begin her healing process.

Havenwood Academy is a fine facility for Pennsylvania teen girls, and you can find out more about us when you call 1-877-830-7012.

Why Havenwood Academy?

In Pennsylvania, there are lots of teen help programs, but few will provide the level of care and the quality of rehabilitation than Havenwood Academy. We are located in Utah, which is one of the states with the most comprehensive laws regarding boarding schools for teens in the whole country. Getting your teen daughter out of her current negative lifestyle in Pennsylvania and into a structured and safe school in another state can often be the fresh start she’s been waiting for.

Havenwood Academy retains its status as a highly desirable therapeutic school for another reason—its affordability. Because we are able to bill a family health insurance plan, parents can rely on that coverage to assist with the costs. Depending on the policy, the insurance can help pay for a significant amount, making the financial responsibility from the family quite affordable. Havenwood Academy is happy to answer any questions that Pennsylvania parents might have about this process in order to provide a real assessment of how the program will impact family finances.

Statistics on Troubled Teen Girls in Pennsylvania

When teen girls are frustrated, hurting inside and in emotional pain, they often turn to risky behavior to cope. While this isn’t the best way to handle mental health issues, it’s often because parents don’t know what to do to provide support or are too anxious to intervene. Teens who do receive professional help in the form of therapy and more, tend to avoid some of the most dangerous behaviors of Pennsylvania teens.

These troubling statistics for teens in Pennsylvania reflect some of the more common risky behaviors:

  • Just 85 per cent of Pennsylvania teenagers graduate.
  • Among American high school students, 35 per cent have had alcohol in the past month.
  • Nationally, 1 in 6 teenagers admit to binge drinking.
  • 35 per cent of American teenagers have tried marijuana.
  • 8 per cent of American teens have used cocaine.
  • Nationally, Pennsylvania ranks 31st in suicides.

Parents never want to see their children in pain, and they certainly don’t want to be a contributor to their daughter’s issues. That’s why it’s important for parents like you to provide a place of safety, structure and therapy for your child before she chooses the type of behavior and actions that can have a harmful impact on her future. Havenwood Academy works hard to get your daughter the support and guidance she needs to face a brighter future.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Pennsylvania

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Pennsylvania can be like a life preserver for teens that are adrift on those choppy seas of mental illness, emotional challenges and behavioral problems. While there are lots of different types of teen help programs out there, often only therapeutic boarding schools are fully equipped to perform an in-depth rescue. Pennsylvania parents may get swayed by short-term programs that promise big results, but the truth is that boarding schools are the best balance between therapy, academics, leisure and self-improvement out there.

Check out the many benefits that therapeutic schools can offer to troubled teen girls:

  • Education is a key part of therapeutic boarding schools, and when girls attend energetic classrooms taught by certified teachers, they can regain their academic standing, repair credit, and even work for a diploma.
  • Therapy, as the cornerstone of treatment, can help teens identify and then deal with their personal issues. Experienced adolescent therapists work in groups and individually to provide the best care.
  • Self-care is important for girls to regain confidence and independence. Lessons in fitness, nutrition, hygiene and more prepare them for adulthood.
  • Recreation therapy makes every day more fun and teaches girls about self-confidence, leadership, self-esteem, teamwork and more.
  • Community relations means giving and taking and girls learn to serve others and how to receive help when they need it.
  • Transitioning back to the real world is a significant part of boarding school like, because the girls soon learn there is a wide world out there just waiting to be explored.

The long-term benefits of therapeutic programs like this one are immeasurable, but parents care most about how it affects their daughter. Because of the good success record, boarding schools like Havenwood Academy are attracting students from across the country, including Pennsylvania. Other programs that go for just a few weeks, or don’t have an academic or therapeutic component, simply aren’t going to measure up to what your teen daughter needs.

Choose Havenwood Academy as the Right Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls in Pennsylvania

Mental illness and untreated conditions can hold teenage girls back from reaching their full potential. If left on their own, they will have a much harder time becoming the women they want to be and having a happier and healthier life. Havenwood Academy and its staff have dedicated themselves to being the guides and examples these girls need in order to really make changes and move forward instead of backward. Parents of troubled teens in Pennsylvania should know that Havenwood Academy operates under the strictest of regulatory laws and holds itself to the highest ethical standards. There are many success stories from our students, and we’re excited to welcome your daughter to our family.

For more information on Havenwood Academy, please contact us at 1-877-830-7012. We look forward to working with you and your daughter towards a better tomorrow.

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