Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Ohio

Keeping up with all the latest things your teen daughter is doing might seem impossible, but what do parents do when they notice a problem? While most girls rebel a little, sometimes the warning signs are there when it comes to mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, abuse trauma and more. Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Ohio are an ideal alternative for teens that can no longer function well in school or at home. Places like Havenwood Academy are ideal for teens that need full-time, professional structure.

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Why Havenwood Academy?

We are situated in Utah, a state with an outstanding reputation for strictness and high standards when it comes to regulating teen help and therapy programs. This means we’ve been able to successfully operate under some of the toughest laws in the country and still thrive, giving you peace of mind that your child will be in a safe and secure place. Utah has plenty of natural beauty and even if it may seem far from Ohio, it’s really just a short plane ride away.

Another advantage of enrolling your daughter at Havenwood Academy is that we are quite a bit more affordable that other therapy options. This is because we can start billing your family insurance provider for some or all of the care your daughter gets here. When you only have to pay out deductibles and similar policyholder costs, you are definitely going to save money. While we know you would spare no expense to get your daughter the help she needs to heal, financial decisions impact the whole family and that means you are definitely going to examine options like Havenwood Academy that are more affordable.

Statistics for Ohio Teen Girl Troubles

You would never want to see your teenage daughter hurting, but sometimes teens choose risky behavior that masks their pain and dulls their senses as a coping mechanism. Of course, this is a very unhealthy way to deal with mental illness, emotional obstacles and more. Teens who choose this route often have a harder time recovering than those girls who were able to receive therapy early on.

These Ohio statistics on teen behavior should be enough to encourage any parent to take action:

  • Percent of Ohio teen girls who drank alcohol before age 13: 12 %
  • Percent of teenage girls in Ohio who binge drink: 13%
  • Percent of girls in the state who have tried marijuana: 34%
  • Percent of female teens in OH who have tried cocaine: 3%
  • Percent of teens who graduate in Ohio: 82%
  • National ranking for suicides: 39th

Now, more than ever, teenage girls in Ohio with issues need to get help and parents don’t have to wait until their daughter gets into trouble to start the process. Havenwood Academy wants to partner with parents to rehabilitate teen girls.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Ohio Are The Best Option

Keeping your sights set on what is best for your daughter, it can be very confusing to start researching programs to help her. Many Ohio parents are persuaded into quick-fix options via wilderness camps or boot camps that promise lasting behavior changes in a short amount of time.

However, these programs aren’t considered viable by experts to instill any lasting changes. They can be good for transitions or they might work until longer arrangements can be made, but as the sole therapy option, they aren’t good enough. Therapeutic boarding schools offer therapy, academics and a structured environment for as long as it takes for Ohio teens to experience positive changes from the inside out.

Here are just a few benefits of boarding schools for Ohio teen girls:

  • Therapy sessions with licensed professionals
  • Academic support from certified instructors with special education experience
  • Recreational therapy to develop self-esteem and leadership
  • Extracurricular activities to inspire leadership and personal growth
  • Personal care classes to teach girls how to become independent
  • Service and community enhancement projects, both in the school and beyond
  • Social skills that every adult needs, from contributing to chores to job interviewing
  • Positive peer pressure so that each girl feels part of the group
  • Family therapy to repair any fractures among parents, siblings and students
  • Transition programs to ease girls away from boarding school and back into the real world

Therapeutic boarding schools such as Havenwood Academy can be ideal for troubled Ohio teens who need a new place to start over, and to get away from their current triggers for bad behavior. When parents give the gift of another chance to their daughters, they won’t be disappointed at the outcome, especially if the troubled teen girls attend Havenwood Academy.

Select Havenwood Academy as the Boarding School for All Troubled Teen Girls From Ohio

Don’t let mental health issues and emotional turmoil overwhelm your daughter’s future. There are programs and people with the experience to inspire her to make changes within herself and to give her a chance at a bright future. Havenwood Academy has helped hundreds of teens and their families and there’s no problem or issue they can’t assist with. To regain your peaceful family again, it’s time to make the first move.

Please call 1-877-830-7012 for more information on how Havenwood Academy can really help troubled Ohio teen girls gain perspective on their lives and take their future into their own hands.

Cities in Ohio with Troubled Teen Girls Who Found Help with Havenwood Academy

Columbus, Fairfield, Cleveland, Dayton, Parma, Cincinnati, Warren, Newark, Mentor, Akron, Hamilton, Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga Falls, Lakewood, Elyria, Euclid, Lorain, Springfield, Middletown, Mansfield, Youngstown, Toledo, Kettering, Canton, and Strongsville.


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