Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Girls In North Dakota

When your teen cannot seem to control their behavior and it puts their health or future at risk, it is time to consider help a little further from home. A certified teen help facility can give your daughter the coaching and guidance she needs to overcome her issues and move in a positive direction. At Havenwood Academy, we have specially created a program that uses proven therapeutic methods and an environment of love, trust and accountability. Our staff is caring, experienced and dedicated to helping each teen girl that comes to us discover her potential, recover and heal.

We can answer your questions about our facility and the specific ways that our program can help give your daughter a fresh start. Contact us at 1-877-830-7012

Why Choose Havenwood Academy?

Our goal is to help your daughter identify the triggers that are leading to her behavior and develop ways to cope that are healthy and positive. Getting her life back on track means that she needs to heal from the inside out for long lasting solutions. We are devoted to promoting good values, strong morals and effective family communication. We empower our students through confidence building activities and personalized treatment.

We know that sending your child away, even temporarily, is intimidating both emotionally and financially. Most programs are not covered by insurance, which means that parents must have substantial money on hand or take out a loan. We believe that quality care should be affordable for every family and we are accredited to accept certain insurance plans, which can take much of the pressure off of families that are already stressed. Contact us for help checking your particular plan.

Common issues North Dakota teens face are:

  • 49.8% teen pregnancy
  • 35th for suicide
  • 4.6% of teens use drugs
  • 6.1% abuse marijuana
  • 21% drink alcohol
  • 1752 were arrested in 2008 for property damage, violence and substance abuse
  • 86% graduation rate

What Makes Us Unique?

The number of therapeutic teen help facilities throughout the country may leave you wondering which is the best option for your teen and her unique combination of needs. It is helpful to get detailed information on each potential option to see what their particular specialty is. Our approach at Havenwood Academy is developmentally suitable for troubled teens and our clinical methods allow us to address both their medical, physical and emotional needs. We take into account your child’s interests, goals, personality and history when creating a personalized treatment plan. Some of the benefits of our program are:

  • Therapy Modalities – In our experience, a variety of therapy modalities is necessary to reach troubled teens on a personal level. In addition to traditional talk therapy, we also offer hands on experiences like recreation, music and art.
  • Close Collaboration – Each department in our facility closes collaborates with the others in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page for each student at any given time for issues like education, clinical care and dietary needs.
  • Equine Therapy – We have implemented a quality equine therapy because of the massive benefits therapists have seen among teens with such programs. Daily interaction with horses and the accompanying responsibilities result in improved behavior, effective communication and improved impulse control.
  • Family Therapy – Most of our students need to learn how to rebuild their relationship with their parents and caregivers, since years of defiance and power struggles can take their toll. We provide family therapy as a way to help our students and their families heal.
  • Latest Therapy Methods – Our accreditation status means that we are approved to provide additional forms of therapy such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy.

How Can Havenwood Academy Help Your Troubled Girl Get A New Start?

We work hard to make sure that the environment we provide is comforting and effective for teens that are still trying to figure out what they need and make positive changes. We are confident that your daughter can turn her life around with the right kind of surroundings and intervention. We have been pleased to help hundreds of troubled teens throughout the country, including North Dakota and we believe your teen would also thrive with us. Call us today for a consultation at 1-877-830-7012.

We Help Families In North Dakota, Including:

Fargo, Wahpeton, Mandan, West Fargo, Williston, Dickinson, Devils Lake, Bismarck, Jamestown, Grand Forks, Casselton, Lisbon, Langdon, Carrington, Rugby, Lincoln, Mayville, Horace, Beulah, Hazen, New Town, Watford City, Ellendale, Larimore, Garrison, Oakes, New Rockford, Stanley, Cavalier, Hillsboro, Bowman


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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