Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In North Carolina

You remember your teen daughter when she was younger, laughing and happy and determined to take on the world. Today, your teenager is facing a range of mental health, emotional and behavioral challenges that threaten that once-bright future. North Carolina parents of troubled teenage girls can take the important step of lining up professional help for their daughters who are struggling. Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in North Carolina are a comprehensive residential treatment center that gives therapy and academic support to teens.

Havenwood Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls in North Carolina, and we are happy to provide you with more information when you call 1-877-830-7012.

Why Havenwood Academy?

Boarding schools are one of the best choices for parents who want to enroll their teen in some kind of residential program but don’t quite know what. Far too many teen help programs designed to help troubled teenagers are extremely expensive, making it a strain for parents to pick the right school for their teen’s needs. At Havenwood Academy, we can send many of the bills to your family’s insurance program and let them pay their share of your daughter’s treatment. With the help of insurance payments, you will find that Havenwood Academy is quite affordable.

Havenwood Academy is one of the best therapeutic boarding schools for girls in North Carolina for many reasons, but one of the most important is due to its location. Havenwood Academy is subject to strict regulatory laws and guidelines. We compliant with some of the highest standards in the United States. This tends to help parents feel more at ease, knowing their daughter is in good hands.

Troubling Statistics for North Carolina Teens

One of the toughest things that parents have to do is watch their teenager make bad choices and engage in behavior that can be harmful and even illegal. When teens are also dealing with emotional and mental health problems, they may even do more risky things. Without the intervention of a therapist that specializes in adolescent mental health, these troubled teen girls from North Carolina may be heading down a path they don’t really want.

Here are just a few numbers on North Carolina teenagers:

  • High school graduation rate: 82%
    Just 82% of North Carolina teens graduate from a high school program.
  • Cocaine use: 3%
    Surprisingly, 3% of teenage girls have used cocaine at least once.
  • Marijuana use: 37%
    Nearly 37% of North Carolina teenage girls have used marijuana at least once.
  • Consumed alcohol in the last 30 days: 37%
    Of all teen girls in the state, 37% admit to having an alcoholic drink in the past 30 days.
  • Suicide ranking, nationally: 35th
    Nationwide, the state of North Carolina ranks 35th in suicide rates.

What parent can simply stand by and watch their teenage daughter engage in such risky and destructive behavior without intervening? When dangerous behavior is occurring more frequently, parents should waste no time in locating a therapeutic boarding school for girls in North Carolina. Placing a troubled teen girl in a safe, welcoming residential treatment program is the best way to ensure she gets the treatments to help.

Ways That a Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls in North Carolina May Help

Teen help facilities such as Havenwood Academy will do everything they can to help out teen girls with a number of issues, such as ADD/ADHD, substance abuse, depression, bipolar, reactive attachment disorder, abuse trauma, eating disorders, anxiety and more. When parents don’t know where else to turn, they should consider a therapeutic boarding school for their teen daughter. Understanding some of the benefits of these residential schools can make the decisions a little easier for both parents and teens.

Here are just a few benefits of therapeutic schools like Havenwood Academy:

  • Skilled staff members. Highly trained and experienced staff members work with troubled teens to ensure they get the best care.
  • Family involvement. Every family will be involved in their troubled teen girl’s therapeutic and academic progress. With a family-centered atmosphere, the girls learn to trust each other and their mentors and work as a team in all things.
  • Balancing work and play. From chores and school to learning new hobbies and having adventures, girls at residential schools get to focus on their own growth and development.
  • Learn responsibility. Different life situations expose girls to real-life instances of responsibility, accountability, and trust.
  • Licensed therapy. Experienced adolescent therapists engage in a range of techniques to help teens figure out coping mechanisms and behavior changes that lead to better interactions.

Havenwood Academy is the Right Choice for Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in North Carolina

Making the choice to enroll your daughter in a residential boarding school is no easy thing, but sometimes it is necessary for her to really figure out what she is doing and what she needs. Caring experts are standing by in places like Havenwood Academy to welcome and guide troubled girls to finding their inner strengths and conquering the very problems that are holding them back.

Havenwood Academy is happy to talk to parents that are interested in finding out more when they call 1-877-830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Helps Teen Girls From These North Carolina Cities:

Charlotte, Raleigh, Cary, Fayetteville, Durham, Ashville, Greenville, Chapel Hill, Winston Salem, Concord, Wilmington, Burlington and Huntersville.


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