Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In New Jersey

When parents in New Jersey are dealing with a troubled teen girl who is defiant, rebellious and struggling with bad behavior, they should start researching therapeutic boarding schools for girls in New Jersey. All teen girls go through a little rebellious phase, but if she is getting in trouble repeatedly at school and at home, and she is engaging in illegal behavior like drinking or drugs, it’s time to take action. Boarding schools like Havenwood Academy are ideal for starting a new leaf on life and going from sad to successful.

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You Should Consider Havenwood Academy

There are plenty of teen programs out there for New Jersey parents and teens, but some are not nearly as effective as therapeutic boarding school. Among the most common are boot camps and wilderness camps. They rely on strict rules, intense experiences and more to jolt teens into looking at themselves and their futures. Such programs are a good start, but Havenwood Academy provides a long-term solution with both academic and therapeutic support. Big problems can’t be resolved in a short time, and Havenwood Academy is prepared to host Newe Jersey teens for as long as it takes.

Havenwood Academy is able to bill any New Jersey family’s current insurance policy, making the cost of attending our residential treatment program very affordable. In fact, not all schools can do this, so it’s a good idea to investigate further into exactly how much can be billed out and what is the family’s portion. At Havenwood Academy, we have financial experts that will work with you on figuring out all the ins and outs.

Stunning Statistics for New Jersey Troubled Teen Girls

With mental health issues and emotional problems, teens often turn to behaviors that block pain, mask frustration and dull their fears. If teens don’t get the support they need in treating these conditions, they can spiral downward in a series of self-destructive acts. No parent wants to watch their New Jersey teen daughter go through these things, but she might if they don’t get help.

When New Jersey teens don’t receive treatment, here are some statistics on some of the behaviors they might engage in:

  • High school graduation rate: 87%
    Just 87 percent of teens in New Jersey graduate from high school.
  • National suicide ranking: 48th
    New Jersey ranks as 48th in the nation for suicide.
  • Teen girls drinking before 13 years old: 13%
    Nearly 13 percent of teen girls in the state admit they had alcohol before turning 13.
  • Had alcohol in the past month: 41%
    In New Jersey, 41% of teen girls have had alcohol in the last 30 days.
  • Marijuana use: 35%
    When it comes to marijuana use, 35% of NJ teen girls say they have tried it at least once.

There’s no time for parents in New Jersey to waste when it comes to getting help for their teen daughters. Once risky behaviors begin, it gets harder and harder to control. Spending time in a therapeutic boarding school for girls in New Jersey is one way to reduce the risk of self-harm, addiction and illegal behaviors.

Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in New Jersey Really Work?

All kinds of girls can benefit from attending a boarding school that focuses on therapy and academics. Some of the more common issues include ADD/ADHD, anxiety, bipolar, depression, reactive attachment disorder, abuse trauma, abandonment and adoption issues, substance abuse and more. None of these mental health issues can be overcome independently—teen girls need the guidance of trained therapists. But there’s so much more to therapeutic boarding schools for girls in New Jersey than just therapy.

Here are a few benefits of attending a school like Havenwood Academy:

  • Safe and supportive environment
  • Kind and compassionate staff
  • Licensed and certified teachers and therapists
  • Family-style living conditions
  • Participate in chores, cooking, cleaning and more
  • Family therapy between teens and parents
  • Recreational therapy to boost self-esteem
  • Extracurricular activities such as music, adventure, sports, horses, service projects and more.

It doesn’t matter what a teen girl from New Jersey is struggling with, there’s an individually tailored treatment program just for her. Havenwood Academy has helped hundreds of troubled teen girls from across the country, and we welcome teens from any background, condition and situation.

Havenwood Academy Is A Top Choice For Parents of Teen Girls From New Jersey

It can be difficult to think about sending your precious daughter out of the state for boarding school, but it’s more difficult to watch her self-destruct before your eyes. There are so many programs out there with a range of treatment options and philosophies, so parents need to make sure they find a program that aligns with their desires and hopes for their child. Havenwood Academy is a top boarding school and deserves a look from New Jersey parents who are seeking out help for their troubled teen.

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Troubled Teen Girls From These New Jersey Cities Can Do Better At Havenwood Academy:

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