Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Montana

If you have determined that a full time therapeutic program is the next step for your troubled teen girl, we can offer you a safe and experienced haven. Havenwood Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that is designed to give struggling girls help to overcome their daily issues and take positive steps toward a healthy future. We offer an environment that is supportive to the whole family and give their girl the best option for success.

For further information about our program and the unique needs of your daughter, reach out to us today for a consultation at 1-877-830-7012.

Why Should You Trust Havenwood Academy With Your Troubled Teen?

You can count on our years of experience when it comes to giving your daughter the best and most intensive therapeutic experience possible. We have helped hundreds of troubled teens from Montana and across the country explore the root of their poor behavior and learn to make better decisions and cope with challenges in a positive way. We are certain that there is maturity and confidence in every girl, regardless of the decisions she has made and how long she has been making them. Havenwood Academy is an ideal place where troubled teen girls can reinvent who they are and thrive.

We know that you want the best treatment for your daughter, but your wallet may not be up to the task of your program of choice. Unlike many facilities, we can accept some insurance plans because we are medically accredited. We feel that quality care for your child shouldn’t require a major loan or the decimation of your savings. Contact us today to discuss whether your insurance qualifies.

Issues Teen Girls In Montana Face

Teens deal with a variety of issues during adolescence that may impact their health and future, sometimes permanently. Statistics for Montana teens include:

  • 10% use marijuana
  • 21.4% abuse alcohol
  • 12% binge drink
  • 5th in the country for suicide.
  • 82% graduation rate
  • Over 2200 juveniles arrested for various crimes in 2008

Every troubled teen deserves the opportunity to change her trajectory with the best and most experienced care possible. We work hard to provide an environment that is loving and structured so that each student has every chance to explore her particular issues with expert guidance. We have a history of success and our compassionate staff is highly trained in teen psychology. We are dedicated to giving your daughter the kind of care that will give you peace of mind.

Behavioral issues like substance abuse, depression, anxiety, emotional trauma and sexual promiscuity may present enough challenges to require professional help. It can be almost impossible for them to overcome their issues while they are in their home environment and at the mercy of distractions and triggers. Havenwood Academy provides a place where your daughter can focus on what really matters in therapeutic surroundings.

Advantages Of Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Girls

Gender-specific environments are considered ideal for troubled girls because they eliminate many of the distractions present in more traditional school environments. Our specialty is providing a variety of therapeutic solutions that help each girl find personal motivation. For instance:

  • Our facility is family oriented and allow students to practice positive communication within the home and among peers and authority figures.
  • Hands on therapy solutions, like recreation, equine, art, music and cooking in addition to individual, family and group sessions.
  • Emphasis on teamwork and leadership as well as practicing a healthy balance between work and play.
  • We offer an academic program that means your daughter doesn’t have to take valuable time away from her schooling.
  • We focus on accountability, trust and love within a secure environment of support.
  • Our scenic and private location is ideal for healthy outdoor activities where students can gain new confidence in themselves while experimenting with new things.

Havenwood Academy Helps Troubled Teen Girls Turn Their Lives Around

We take the trust you place in us seriously and we are dedicated to giving your family the assistance you need to restore your relationship and give your family the new start you need. We are certain that we can help you and your daughter make changes for good. Reach out to us today for a confidential and compassionate consultation. 1-877-830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Supports Families Throughout Montana, Including:

Helena, Great Falls, Butte, Billings, Kalispell, Bozeman, Anaconda, Lewistown, Laurel, Livingston, Belgrade, Miles, Sidney, Whitefish, Glendive, Shelby, Hardin, Columbia Falls, Glasgow, Dillon, Polson, Cut Bank, Deer Lodge, Red Lodge, East Helena, Libby, Conrad, Wolf Point, Malta, Columbus, Townsend and Ronan


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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