Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Missouri

When teenagers start to rebel against their parents and teachers, it may seem typical at first. However, as the behaviors get more and more serious, the teenage girls often get themselves into situations that they cannot easily overcome. Add in mental health issues and emotional trauma and teen girls are overwhelmed with problems. At that point, it takes professional help to get them back on the path towards a healthier future. Many parents discover therapeutic schools for girls from Missouri and are amazed at the turnaround in their teen daughters.

Havenwood Academy welcomes girls from Missouri and elsewhere to our fine boarding school. Please call 1-877-830-7012 for more details.

Why Parents Should Choose Havenwood Academy

There are plenty of good reasons why parents should pick Havenwood Academy. We have an excellent reputation of treating teen girls. Most Missouri parents don’t realize that different states have set laws and regulations on how teen resident therapy programs are run. The strict laws in our location regarding resident teen programs force all boarding schools to uphold some of the highest standards in the country. Missouri parents who pick Havenwood Academy feel good about the level of care their daughter is receiving.

Another benefit of Havenwood Academy is the quality of the staff credentials. The school employs plenty of people who are licensed and certified, and also have the experience in working with teens. With their guidance and effort, Havenwood Academy becomes an ideal place for troubled teen girls. From therapists and mentors to teachers and recreation therapists, the staff at Havenwood Academy is ideal for struggling girls.

Missouri Statistics on Teenagers With Struggles

Teens are stubborn and often refuse to listen to parents and teachers who simply have their best interests in mind. When teens are trying to drown out the pain and frustration in their lives from things like ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar, low self-esteem, adoption and abandonment trauma, abuse trauma, addiction and more, they can get into all kinds of trouble. These are a few statistics from Missouri teenagers that will make any parent worry:

  • Percent of teenaged girls in Missouri that drank alcohol before 13: 16%
  • Percent of the state’s teenage girls who have reported binge drinking: 21%
  • Percent of teenagers in MO who abuse prescription drugs: 6%
  • Only 85% of teen boys and girls in Missouri graduate high school.
  • National ranking for suicide: 18th

Many tragic consequences could be avoided by getting teenagers with mental illness and behavioral issues some professional therapy. When Missouri kids don’t get to tackle their challenges head on, and try to escape them, they can quickly become a statistic like these. When parents of Missouri teen girls choose a therapeutic boarding program such as Havenwood’s, they have the best shot at avoiding some serious consequences.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Missouri Really Do Help

The benefits of therapeutic programs for teenagers are huge. The biggest reason that such schools make an impact is that the teen is immersed in a therapeutic community all day long. A typical day may consist of individual and group sessions, come classroom time to work on credits, and experiential therapy to round out the experience. Of course, there’s always chores, community service, meals and alone time. Girls learn to identify what it is that is holding them back in life and then work to overcome that.

Another key part of the healing process at residential schools is the staff members. When licensed and certified professionals come together to create a healing program for teens, amazing things happen. Adolescent therapists, certified teachers, wise administrators and compassionate mentors work hard to get girls to understand their worth and to see their potential. With guidance and hard work, struggling teenager girls from Missouri can make significant progress.

Teen girls in residential treatment centers will learn valuable skills while living there. From therapists, they will learn new coping mechanisms for life’s challenges. Teachers will help them repair credit and work toward graduation. Recreational therapists teach girls about new hobbies and therapeutic programs like equine therapy, for example. Finally, parents and teens can start to repair the relationships that have likely been damaged by increasingly antagonistic behavior and prepare for the teen to transition home.

Select Havenwood Academy as a Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls in Missouri

When parents in Missouri have nowhere else to turn and the traditional methods of weekly therapy and school counselors simply aren’t making the cut, it’s time to look into boarding school options. Havenwood Academy is a top therapeutic boarding school for girls in Missouri and looks forward to helping them transition successfully from teen to adult.

Get more details about Havenwood Academy’s unique program for teenage girls by calling 1-877-830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Assists Girls From All Missouri Cities:

Independence, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, Lee’s Summit, O-Fallon, St. Joseph, Blue Springs, St. Peters, Florissant, Joplin, Chesterfield, Wildwood, University City, and Wentzville.


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