Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Michigan

Keeping teenage girls out of trouble when they are dealing with behavioral or mental health issues is a real challenge, and parents in Michigan with this problem often feel at the end of their rope. When school counseling, weekly therapy sessions and tough love at home simply aren’t working, it may be time to consider therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Michigan. A comprehensive program like that found at Havenwood Academy may be just what you and your family need.
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Consider Using Havenwood Academy

Most parents in Michigan don’t even bother to look at therapeutic boarding schools because so many of them are expensive. However, with Havenwood Academy parents are often surprised at how affordable the tuition and treatments really are. We are able to bill treatments to traditional health insurance plans, so that many of the total costs are covered. Michigan parents who are worried about whether or not they will be able to afford outstanding treatment for their daughter should first look at Havenwood Academy.

The other benefit to Havenwood Academy is its location. While it may seem far from Michigan, that actually is an advantage in several ways. The teens are removed from their current environment into a safe and secure location where they can start over with trained professionals and understanding staff members. They get to learn and grow in a highly regulated facility that complies with some of the toughest laws in the land. Unlike many other states, we have a very strict set of regulatory rules for teen help programs, and Havenwood Academy exceeds every aspect. Parents feel good knowing their daughters are well cared for.

Tough Numbers for Michigan Teen Girls

When teenagers don’t get help with their issues, they may turn to risky behavior to help them cope. These risky behaviors can have a big impact on their school and home life, too. Some behaviors are even illegal and can give teens a run in or two with law enforcement.

These are just a few statistics that reflect the behaviors of troubled teens in Michigan:

Female teens who drank before age 13: 13%
The number of teen girls in Michigan who admit to drinking before turning 13 is 13%
Female teenagers who binge drink in the last 30 days: 29%
A whopping 29% of Michigan teen girls admit to having 5 or more drinks in a few hours.
Marijuana use at least once: 31%
In Michigan, 31% of teen girls have tried marijuana at least once.
Cocaine use at least once: 2%
The percentage of teen girls in Michigan that have tried cocaine is 2%.
High school grad rate: 77%
Just 77 percent of Michigan’s teens graduate from a high school program.
National suicide ranking: 32nd
Michigan ranks 32nd in the nation for suicide rates.
How Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Michigan Benefit Teens
There are so many conditions and challenges that teen girls deal with nowadays, from social issues like bullying and perfectionism to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Most of these issues cannot be overcome without the guidance of professionals like therapists, counselors and mentors. Therapeutic boarding schools provide a 24-hour support group for girls, and give them the best tools around for managing and overcoming their individual issues.

Here are 5 benefits of therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Michigan:

Supportive atmosphere—Located away from bad friends and tense home situations, boarding schools are ideal for teen girls who need structure and support.
Academic involvement—Teens take classes from certified teachers who help them complete courses, gain credit and get a diploma.
Individual and group therapy—Licensed therapists work with each teen girl on their mental health and well-being, and teach coping mechanisms and social skills needed to move forward.
Recreational therapy—There are all kinds of different programs to boost self-esteem, like working with horses, sports, art, drama, music, service projects and more.
Life skills—Each teen girl learns valuable life lessons that help with independence, like laundry, chores, leadership, teamwork, cooking, basic finances and more.
It’s easy to see why parents in Michigan might want to consider therapeutic boarding schools for their troubled teenagers. The positives of attending a school like Havenwood Academy are much better than picking a place like a wilderness camp or a boot camp.

Choose Havenwood Academy for Troubled Michigan Teen Girls

Parents want to do what’s right for their teen daughters, and getting them enrolled in a fine program like Havenwood Academy is a good start. Our fine facility has a long record of success, and we’ve helped hundreds of teens and families move forward toward a successful future, and leave behind the bad behavior, destructive habits and more.

If you are a Michigan parent and would like more information on Havenwood Academy, please contact us at 1-877-830-7012 for additional details.

Havenwood Academy Can Treat Troubled Teen Girls in Michigan From These Cities:

Warren, Detroit, Lansing, Sterling, Dearborn, Westland, Troy, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Canton, Farmington Hills, Taylor, Pontiac, Wyoming, Southfield, Rochester Hills, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Royal Oak and Muskegon.


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