Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Massachusetts

You’d never send your troubled teen daughter to a boarding school you hadn’t thoroughly researched, right? That’s why it is so important that when your teen daughter isn’t having success at home or at school, you check out all the therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Massachusetts.

Havenwood Academy has already helped hundreds of teens and parents with making arrangements for long-term residential care. It’s a top teen help facility with lots of benefits to offer troubled teenage girls from Massachusetts and their families.

For parents that want more information and details about Havenwood Academy, they can call 1-877-830-7012.

Why Havenwood Academy?

It’s very stressful for Massachusetts parents of struggling teen girls to do all they can to keep them on the right track, but sometimes parental guidance is not enough, especially if the girls are dealing with mental illnesses, emotional disorders and behavioral problems. Havenwood Academy has a unique atmosphere and trained staff members that guide teen girls through experiential therapy programs to help them examine their issues and learn various ways to deal with those challenges. Havenwood Academy has experience in dealing with a number of issues from teen girls in Massachusetts, like depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, bipolar, reactive attachment disorder, substance abuse, aggression, abuse trauma and more.

Havenwood Academy is also one of the few therapeutic boarding schools for Massachusetts girls that is considered affordable for just about any budget. We do our billing in such a way that the treatment portions can often be sent to the family insurance plan. When insurance covers a little or a lot of the costs, Havenwood Academy suddenly becomes very affordable. This means that families who might not be able to afford sending their daughter to a quality treatment program otherwise, will definitely be able to.

Teen Girl Statistics From Massachusetts

Mental health issues and behavioral struggles cannot be resolved on their own, but Massachusetts teenage girls that don’t get therapy may end up doing things that shock parents. When they begin to participate in bad behavior, they are increasing the risk of harm to themselves and others. Parents who are hesitating on whether or not to enroll their daughter into a therapeutic boarding school for girls from Massachusetts should check out these statistics first.

  • Had alcohol in the past 30 days: 37%
    37% of Massachusetts teen girls have had a drink of alcohol in the last month.
  • Binge drinking: 18%
    Around 18% of teen girls in Massachusetts admit to binge drinking in the last month.
  • Marijuana use: 39%
    The number of MA teen girls who have tried marijuana at least once is 39%.
  • High school graduation: 85%
    Massachusetts has just an 85% graduation rate for high schoolers.
  • Suicide rank: 49th
    Massachusetts is ranked 49th in the nation for suicide.

In a therapeutic boarding school, teen girls are kept safe and guided through a structured program by caring and compassionate staffers. The girls are inspired to get their lives in order and plan for a bright future, instead of turning to risky behavior to deal with all their pain and suffering. Havenwood Academy’s goal is to see each teen girl embrace and achieve the future she has always dreamed about.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls from Massachusetts Really Can Help

Many parents may not even know what boarding school is like, and therefore are reluctant to enroll their daughters there. Once parents get some education and insight into what it means to attend a residential therapy program, they generally agree that such a setting may be the best hope for their struggling daughter.

Here are just a few benefits of a therapeutic boarding school:

  • Caring environment
  • Structure and organized schedules
  • Licensed therapists and counselors
  • Motivated mentors with training in working with teens
  • Dedicated administrators that manage the school properly
  • Certified teachers with small class sizes and a special education emphasis
  • Recreational therapy that can range from art and music to equine therapy
  • Community service, where teens learn about cooking, cleaning, laundry, hygiene, fitness, nutrition and other skills they’ll need to become an adult.

All in all, there aren’t many options that parents have to choose from that build such character and inspire such hope inside girls that not long ago felt hopeless. Girls in Massachusetts have plenty of options of programs to attend, but teen help groups like boot camps and military schools simply don’t offer the same level of care, or a therapeutic or academic emphasis. Before parents in Massachusetts commit to any type of teen program, they should look at boarding schools.

Choose Havenwood Academy, a Fine Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls in Massachusetts

It’s all too easy for Massachusetts parents to ignore their teenage daughter’s cries for help, hoping that she will outgrow her troubling behavior. However, pushing the problem down the road won’t lead a teenage daughter to a happy or healthy place. Only the help of a therapeutic boarding school for Massachusetts girls can really get her back on the right path.

Please contact Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 for more information on how we help teen girls from Massachusetts and across the country.

Troubled Teen Girls From Massachusetts That Can Benefit From Havenwood Academy Live in Cities Like These:

Boston, Lowell, Worcester, Cambridge, Brockton, Lynn, Springfield, New Bedford, Quincy, Newton, Fall River, Lawrence, Malden, Brookline, Weymouth, Peabody, Everett, Salem, Amherst, Braintree, Dartmouth, Chelsea and Marlborough.


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