Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Louisiana

Are you a Louisiana parent who is sick with worry over your teen? Wouldn’t you like to give your troubled teen daughter the right kind of help? After all you can do, she is still making bad decisions, getting in trouble at school and refusing to change her ways. That’s when therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Louisiana can help. It’s never too late to start looking at long-term therapy programs to save your daughter from her bad decisions.

Havenwood Academy is a full-time therapeutic boarding school for girls in Louisiana that can be reached at 1-877-830-7012.

Why Should Parents Pick Havenwood?

Havenwood Academy has several things going for it that propel it into the top level of therapeutic schools for troubled girls. Louisiana parents who are contemplating a program like this for their teen should do lots of research. In no time, they will find that Havenwood Academy offers the following benefits:

  • Lovely, scenic location
  • Properly trained and certified staff
  • Regular group and individual therapy sessions
  • Equine therapy program
  • Accredited academic program
  • Actual testimonials and referrals from past students and parents
  • Exciting extracurricular activities

There’s no reason for Louisiana parents to delay getting their daughter the help she needs, and Havenwood Academy could be a troubled teen’s best chance.

Troubling Numbers for Louisiana Teens

There are certain types of behavior that teens who struggle with mental health or emotional issues turn to in order to mask their pain, rebel, get attention or otherwise avoid their problems. When these behaviors overwhelm their lives, it can be a big problem. Louisiana parents should be aware of these statistics on teens in their state:

  • In Louisiana, 20% of teen girls had a drink of alcohol before turning 13.
  • 41% of LA teen girls report drinking at least once in the last month.
  • Percentage of female teens in Louisiana who have used marijuana ever: 29%
  • Only 73.5% of teenagers in Louisiana graduate from HS.
  • National rank for suicide: Louisiana is 25th.

Why Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Louisiana Work

When a teenage girl is dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse, abuse trauma, and certain other mental health challenges, it can really interfere with traditional schools, a typical home life and in creating a successful future. Many parents may be skeptical as to whether a residential therapy school will inspire the teens to change from within. The answer is a resounding yes, and after doing some research, it is easy to see why.

Residential treatment schools are long-term institutions and they have a few benefits when compared to where the teen is currently living and going to school. Traditional schools simply aren’t equipped to deal with students who have mental health issues, and they are woefully underfunded and understaffed. When teenagers behave badly, there just aren’t very effective plans to deal with them. A therapeutic boarding school for girls in Louisiana, however, is fully equipped to handle a number of special needs teens all day, every day.

Another benefit of a therapeutic school is the counseling sessions given several times per day. Licensed therapists provide in-depth sessions with teen girls to discover what their own personal challenges are, then work on a plan to overcome them and develop coping strategies for improvement. Instead of getting irregular sessions or none at all, teen girls receive regular therapy for their entire stay at the school.

There’s no doubt that therapeutic schools for teens are the ideal solution for girls who have exhausted their local resources and need something much more comprehensive.

Havenwood Academy is the Best Choice of All

Few parents in Louisiana and elsewhere want their daughters to grow up with struggles in mental illness or emotional distress that deeply affect their future. That’s why Havenwood Academyu is the right solution for a family’s issues with their teen. A therapeutic school is ideal for teenagers who aren’t making it in the traditional system and who need that extra level of professional help every day for a while.

Contact Havenwood Academy with questions at 1-877-830-7012.

Teen Girls Near These Louisiana Cities May Attend Havenwood Academy:

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Metairie, Shreveport, Lafayette, Bossier City, Kenner, Lake Charles, Monroe, Houma, Alexandria, New Iberia, Laplace, Slidell, Prairieville, Marerro, Ruston, Bayou Cane, Shenandoah, Chalmette, Estelle and Opelousas.


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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