Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Illinois

Havenwood Academy is the ideal place for Illinois parents like you to enroll your troubled teen daughter. Perhaps you’ve noticed her grades plummeting, and her behavior is getting worse every week. You suspect she is hanging out with bad friends, and you don’t understand her mood swings or her increasingly aggressive behavior. Perhaps she has been diagnosed by a therapist with a mental illness or behavior disorder.

No matter what is going on with your daughter, therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Illinois can help her regain control of herself and her life. Before you look at military schools, boot camps, residential treatment facilities, or wilderness camps, do your research on therapeutic boarding schools.

Havenwood Academy helps teens from Illinois and other states in the United States with compassion, structure and expertise. Learn more about Havenwood Academy by calling 1-877-830-7012.

Why Havenwood Academy?

There are several obstacles that teen girls in Illinois might face that interfere with a more typical adolescence. Depression and anxiety are common challenges, as are ADD/ADHD, abuse trauma, bipolar, eating disorders, substance abuse, abandonment and adoption issues, stress disorders and many more. A therapeutic boarding school like Havenwood Academy blends therapy, academics and recreation into one program that helps girls overcome these obstacles and lead a better and more productive life.

Havenwood Academy is a top choice for Illinois parents because it is quite affordable. Many other boarding schools have tuition rates that lots of parents simply cannot consider. We are different because we are structured so we can bill many of our therapy treatments and features to a family’s primary health insurance. Depending on each individual enrolled, we can work with the insurance companies to have some or most of the costs of boarding school covered. That’s a big relief for many Illinois parents who want to give their daughter the best care, but are worried about the price tag.

What Happens When Teen Girls in Illinois Don’t Get Professional Help?

While all teenagers go through a rebellious phase, it’s important to know when your daughter needs professional therapy and a more concentrated structure to get her back on track. Teenagers in trouble often don’t do well in school, get in trouble with the law and can even struggle to have a stable home life. Many troubled teens in Illinois turn to risky behavior as well.

Take the time to see how some Illinois teens behave without professional help:

  • 16 percent of girls in Illinois say they have tried alcohol before turning 13.
  • 39% of teenage females in this state have had a drink in the last 30 days.
  • 20 percent of Illinois teen girls report binge drinking.
  • 36% of the state’s teenage girls have used marijuana.
  • 5 percent of girls here admit to using cocaine at least once.
  • Just 83% of teens in Illinois graduate high school.
  • Illinois is currently ranking 44th in the nation for teen suicides.

Any Illinois parents who want to help their daughter stay away from risky behavior should pay attention to these statistics and get them enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school for girls. The benefits far outweigh the frustration and worry that you will face if you don’t intervene. Havenwood Academy is happy to be your partner in getting your teenage daughter back where she belongs, safe and healthy.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Illinois

Many parents mistakenly believe that teen help programs are all very much alike and that one facility is as good as another. The truth is that there are several different kinds of programs, each with benefits and drawbacks.

Therapeutic boarding schools are particularly beneficial for teens that aren’t doing well in traditional schools and have exhausted all their community resources and home support. Wilderness camps, boot camps, and military schools are also not ideal, ranging from the short-term nature of those programs to the lack of therapeutic or academic support.

All in all, therapeutic boarding schools are the most successful way to get teen girls the real and lasting help they need. Parents just need to get more familiar with all the benefits that such programs provide.

Here are three wonderful reasons why therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Illinois are so beneficial:

  • Group and individual therapy. The only way that teen girls are going to be able to identify and overcome their mental health issues is with a licensed and experienced therapist and counselor.
  • Continue their education. Students at therapeutic boarding schools are able to work with certified teachers to get up to their grade level, make up credits and make it a goal to earn a diploma from high school.
  • Recreational therapy. There are lots of different types of therapy to help girls overcome their mental health and behavior issues, like equine therapy, art, music, dance, sports, outdoor activities and more.

While teenage girls may not be very interested in attending a boarding school at first, they will definitely benefit in a structured environment with experienced and caring professionals. Getting away from home and friends and teachers is sometimes the best thing for them in starting a new phase in life. Havenwood Academy is a facility with each girl’s physical, mental and emotional health as a priority.

Havenwood Academy is the Right Place for Illinois Troubled Teen Girls

As a parent, you want to give your daughter as much help as she needs to overcome the obstacles that are holding her back from a happy and fulfilling adult life. However, if her home, school and community are no longer places where she can thrive, it might be best to leave her toxic environment for one that is consistent, structured, caring and therapeutic.

Havenwood Academy is a top therapeutic boarding school located in Utah, where teen help facility laws are some of the strictest in the nation. Our standards for helping teenage girls are high, and we see our school as much more than a job. It’s a place where Illinois teenagers like your troubled daughter can heal, grow and succeed.

Please contact Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 and learn more about how we work with some of the country’s most troubled teen girls.

Havenwood Academy Can Help Illinois Troubled Teen Girls in These Cities:

Chicago, Rockford, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Aurora, Cicero, Decatur, Naperville, Peoria, Springfield, Oak Park, Evanston, Champaign, Palatine, Bloomington, Oak Lawn, Berwyn, Skokie, Des Plaines, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Elgin, Waukegan, Mount Prospect, and Wheaton.


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