Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Georgia

As a loving parent, it’s difficult to watch your daughter struggle with emotional, mental health or behavioral problems. Georgia parents just like you are always looking for ways to provide professional help for their troubled teen, and therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Georgia are often a family’s best hope.

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Georgia are among the most successful programs to help troubled teens with the obstacles in their lives that are holding them back from becoming the successful young adults they were meant to be. Havenwood Academy is one of the best boarding schools that help teen girls from Georgia and other states.

Parents in Georgia who have questions about Havenwood Academy should call 1-877-830-7012 for more information.

Why Should You Consider Havenwood Academy for Your Daughter?

It’s easy to see why Georgia parents would select Havenwood Academy over other therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Georgia. Because of the schools location, parents have an extra level of confidence that their daughters are in good hands. We are subject to some of the country’s toughest regulatory laws for teen help programs and we strive to meet those standards. When teen girls come to Havenwood Academy, they receive the best care from licensed and experienced staff members.

Havenwood Academy also offers another benefit to parents who are looking at therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Georgia. Our program is quite affordable for families on a budget, especially when compared to similar schools. We are able to send bills to many different family insurance plans, so that some or most of the cost of attending the school is covered. This makes residential treatment something affordable, so that all kinds of families with all kinds of budgets can get help for their daughters.

Risky Activity Statistics for Teen Girls In Georgia

Mental illness, behavioral issues and emotional problems can make a teen girl’s life extremely difficult. When she is dealing with frustration, pain and stress, she may do some things that jeopardize her future. Georgia teens that act out and make bad choices run the risk of not being able to leave bad behavior behind without professional help.

These statistics on Georgia teens help illustrate the problems that some of them face:

  • Alcohol before age 13: 15%
    The percentage of Georgia teenage girls that admit to drinking alcohol before age 13 is 15%.
  • Binge drinking: 13%
    The percent of teen girls in Georgia that admit to 5 or more drinks in a row (binge drinking) is 13%.
  • Marijuana use: 34%
    The percent of girls in the state that have used marijuana is 34%.
  • Cocaine use: 3%
    The percentage of female teens in Georgia that have tried cocaine at least once is 3%.
  • High school graduation rate: 71%
    The percentage of Georgia teenagers that graduate from high school is 71%.
  • National ranking for suicides: 38th
    Georgia ranks 38th in the United States in suicides.

Georgia teenage girls have a desperate need for programs that supply them with therapeutic, academic and life skills. Parents in Georgia should not delay their search for the right therapeutic boarding school for girls in Georgia. If these significant issues don’t get the attention they need, the teenage girls may not be able to change their future for the better.

Choose a Top Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls in Georgia

Teen girls with mental health problems and behavioral issues need all the benefits that therapeutic boarding schools provide. There are far too many short-term programs, such as boot camps and wilderness therapy programs, which simply aren’t long enough or therapeutic enough to enact lasting change in the girls. Also, these types of programs also don’t include academics as part of the learning and growing process. Boarding schools like Havenwood Academy are highly successful because they include a range of things that complement each other in healing troubled girls.

Some of the benefits of boarding schools include:

  • Certified teachers help girls get caught up on missed schoolwork, repair their credits, and complete classes for a diploma.
  • Experienced and licensed therapists and counselors work with girls, both individually and in groups, to expose the core of their issues, then work on ways to manage and eventually overcome their bad behavior.
  • Specialized therapy programs, ranging from equine therapy and art therapy to sports and outdoor recreational therapy, help girls with confidence, self-esteem and happiness.
  • Life skills classes for troubled teenage girls range from fitness and nutrition to budgeting and leadership.
  • A positive environment where teens can leave negative friends and distractions behind and find out who they really are in a supportive, safe and friendly atmosphere.

Places like Havenwood Academy are designed to help teen girls from Georgia and other states find out their strengths and overcome the emotional and physical obstacles that are holding them back. Parents who want their daughters to become their best selves should look to therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Georgia.

Havenwood Academy Bests All Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Georgia

When parents in Georgia are ready to enroll their teen in a therapeutic boarding school, they should not be content to choose one that is close to home. Rather, they should select a program that is the best match for their troubled teen daughter. The highly qualified staff and the high success rate of the Havenwood Academy program makes it easier than ever to choose the right facility. From ADD to anxiety and substance abuse to abuse trauma, troubled teen girls from Georgia can get the help they need here.

To learn more about how Havenwood Academy can assist parents and teenage girls, please call 1-877-830-7012.

Girls from These Cities Can Attend Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Georgia:

Atlanta, Augusta, Roswell, Athens, Savannah, Macon, Columbus, Albany, Marietta, Smyrna, Johns Creek, Dunwoody, Marietta, Milton, Gainsville and Alpharetta.


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