Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls In Delaware

If you are worried about the safety of your daughter because of her behavioral issues or defiance, a full time solution may be the best way to help her. Havenwood Academy is a therapeutically immersive residential treatment center designed to help teens cope with their challenges in a way that is effective now and throughout their lives. We are uniquely qualified as a safe haven for your daughter to grow and heal because of our caring staff, trained in adolescent psychology as well as our beautiful and secure location that is ideal for the outdoor activities that are so beneficial for troubled teens.

We are anxious to talk to you about your daughters needs and the options available to you. Contact us at Havenwood Academy today to take the first steps toward healing and growth. 1-877-830-7012.

Are We The Best Option For Your Troubled Girl?

We are extensively experienced in helping troubled teen girls change their lives and seen themselves as more than just “bad girls.” We know that your daughter is capable of great things and she can gain the skills she needs to fix her life with the right kind of intervention and guidance. Without the temptations and distractions that come with their current lives at home. Some teens simply need a simpler, more structured environment before they can be receptive to making changes.

While we understand your top priority is to get your daughter the most effective help possible, you must also consider the cost of potential programs. Most facilities require private pay, which requires most parents to either dip into their savings or take out a loan. We are unique in that we can accept certain insurance plans based on our accreditation status. Call us today for help determining if your plan qualifies.

Issues Facing Teens In Delaware

Some of the issues that teens must deal with can have long lasting consequences if they aren’t addressed, sometimes requiring professional help. For teens in Delaware:

  • 5.5% experiment with illegal drugs
  • 7.5% abuse marijuana
  • 11% drink alcohol regularly
  • 78% of high school graduates
  • 34th for suicide
  • Over 3300 youths arrested for crimes like violence, substance abuse and weapons violations in 2008.

Issues like defiance, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity and crime can lead to potentially permanent problems. At Havenwood Academy, we have designed a program that specifically caters to the ways that adolescents learn and develop. In a structured and supportive environment, your daughter can challenge herself and make positive changes that will impact her life now and in the future. A change of environment can give your daughter a unique opportunity to reinvent herself.

Benefits Of Havenwood Academy For Troubled Teen Girls

Teens respond well to a wide variety of treatment styles or modalities and an individual plan of care can be more motivating to each individual student because they can personalize their healing. Some of the specific benefits we offer include:

  • Experiential therapy options like art, music, equine and recreation. These experiential approaches are particularly effective when combined with the more traditional talk and therapy sessions.
  • Our facility is warm and family-like as a way to comfort our students while giving them practice in communicating effectively within a small group. Each student gets ample one-on-one attention from caring counselors and therapists.
  • Our regular routine teaches teens how to balance play and work. We believe that this skill is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.
  • We offer an educational program that is accredited and will allow your daughter to continue with her schooling.
  • We have based our program on a three tiered concept that includes love, trust and accountability, which are all essential for positive, long term change.

Havenwood Academy Will Help Your Troubled Daughter Thrive

We have been able to help hundreds of teens from Delaware and through the country overcome their challenges and move confidently toward a happier future. Our girl is to give your family the help and support you need to repair your relationship. There is hope for your daughter and we look forward to helping you find a solution. Call Havenwood Academy today at 1-877-830-7012 to get started.

Havenwood Academy Helps Teens Throughout Delaware, Including:

Milford, Georgetown, Elesmere, Middltown, Dover, Seaford, New Castle, Newark, Georgetown, Smyrna, Wilmington, Lewes, Harrington, Selbyville, Camden, Laurel, Clayton, Selbyville, Milton, Milsboro, Ocean View, Townsend, Wyoming, Cheswold, Delmar, Delaware City, Blades, Rehoboth, Bridgeville, Felton


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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