Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Girls In Connecticut

Teens sometimes fall into behavior that negatively influences their emotional and physical future. When this happens, it may take more than what parents can do to get them to turn their lives around and make positive changes. A full term facility like therapeutic boarding schools can give your daughter the intervention she needs to develop healthy coping skills.

At Havenwood Academy, we are devoted to helping troubled teens and their parents get the aid they need to fix their relationships and move toward health as a unit. We have helped hundreds of girls with issues like low self-esteem, substance abuse, anger, sexual promiscuity, defiance and abuse recovery. Our caring environment is run by staff members experienced in adolescent psychology. This ensures that each student is understood and approached from a therapeutic standpoint.

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Why Choose Havenwood Academy over other Schools?

Our primary goal is to ensure that the troubled teen girls in our care are given the most appropriate and effective help to get them back and track and live their lives in a healthier way. We are dedicated to promoting strong morals and values within a family setting. We strive to empower our students. Havenwood then drives their recovery with talk therapy, experiential options and personal challenges to build their confidence and teamwork collaboration.

Among the most common issues Connecticut teens face are:

  • 25% teen pregnancy
  • 44th in the country for suicide
  • 10% of teens use drugs
  • 8.9% abuse marijuana
  • 20% drink alcohol
  • 2046 were arrested in 2008 for substance abuse, vandalism and violent crime
  • 83% graduation rate

Why Is Havenwood Academy Unique?

There are many teen help programs throughout the country and deciding which one best matches your teen’s needs is important. Our methods at Havenwood Academy are developmentally suitable for adolescents and we use a clinical approach that takes your daughter’s goals, personality, interests and history into account in order to create her personal treatment plan. Among the benefits of our facility are:

  • Therapy Modalities – We have found that multiple therapy modalities are the best way to reach each teen on a personal level. It gives them the opportunity to find motivation. Through traditional talk therapy methods and hands on experiential options like art, equine, music and recreation therapy.
  • We encourage collaboration between each department within the facility, including clinical, dietary and education. This ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the care of each teen.
  • Equine Therapy – Equine therapy is an effective and well respected form of therapy for individuals dealing with anger or self-esteem problems. Daily interaction among horses has been proven to improve the behavior of troubled teens. It helps them understand their own communication style better.
  • Family Therapy – Most girls that come to us have a fractured relationship with parents or caregivers. Each side must be guided toward properly strengthening it and developing effective communication skills.
  • DBT Therapy – Dialectical behavioral therapy is implemented into the curriculum. This  helps teens alter their behavioral habits and create appropriate coping methods. Through DBT and cognitive-behavioral methods, each student learns personal mindfulness.

How Can Havenwood Academy Help Your Troubled Teen Girl?

We are devoted to providing the kind of care and environment that is helpful to struggling teen girls. Havenwood offers parents the peace of mind they need to place their child into someone else’s hands for healing. We are confident that each teen can move forward with her life. She can become healthier and happier no matter what kind of choices she has made so far.

We know that finances are a major consideration. Unlike many teen help programs, we can accept some insurances. In order to help you pay for the quality care that your daughter needs without having to pay entirely out of pocket. Our status as a medical facility also allows us to offer more therapy than other facilities. It is important to us that you are comfortable with our program and the benefits we provide. We share your goal to see your daughter explore the core of her problems. Contact Havenwood Academy to answer your questions at 1-877-830-7012.

We Help Families In Connecticut, Including:

New Britain, Waterbury, Danbury, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Bridgeport, Meriden, Shelton, Middletown, Torrington, Norwich, Naugatuck, Ansonia, Jewett City, Groton, Derby, Newtown, New London, Woodmont, Danielson


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

We encourage any visitors considering placing their daughter in treatment to fill out our online assessment as soon as possible. This two minute form will give our admissions team all the information needed to determine if your daughter is a good fit for our program.