Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Alabama

Alabama parents who want to see their teen daughters succeed are often sick with worry and frustration when bad behavior and rebellious attitudes begin to affect school and home life. Teenage girls in Alabama can really be having a hard time with mental health issues or emotional stress and make some pretty questionable choices. Fortunately, therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Alabama can provide the solution to the entire family’s problems.

Havenwood Academy makes a difficult decision easier when parents contact us at 1-877-830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Is Chosen By Many Parents

For a full residential treatment program in a beautiful location, Havenwood Academy should fulfill all the requirements that parents have. We are known in the teen help industry as a place where regulations and the laws on teen help programs are quite strict. In contrast, some states are lax and there are relatively few standards. Most Alabama parents want their troubled teen girls to go to residential boarding school in a place that meets the high standards.

Another bonus about Havenwood Academy is that the staff members are extremely qualified to work with teen girls. While some boarding schools may not have as credentialed employees, Havenwood Academy assures that it only hires the best and most experienced in the business. Parents in Alabama can feel confident that they are entrusting their daughters to people who really care about healing and recovery.

Alabama Teens and Bad Behaviors

It’s perhaps a parent’s worst nightmare—to discover that their teen is doing things that could harm themselves or others, or even getting in trouble with the local law enforcement. Just reading about some of the state statistics on teen crime and illegal activity is enough to cause worry and frustration in parents of Alabama teens. Here are just some of the latest numbers:

  • Twenty four percent of Alabama teenage girls have had alcohol over the past month.
  • Seventeen percent of teen AL girls binge drink.
  • Thirty two percent of teenaged girls in the state have used marijuana
  • Just eighty percent of teenagers in the state of Alabama graduate high school.
  • Alabama is the state ranked twenty fourth in the nation for suicide.

Parents can spare themselves and their teen girl some heartbreak and frustration when they intervene and enroll them in a residential therapy school specifically for troubled teenage girls. Places like Havenwood Academy are prepared to start the healing process with the teens and they know what is needed to produce excellent results.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Alabama

When parents enroll their teenage girl into a therapeutic school, there are many things that start to affect her attitude and outlook immediately. At the boarding school, the atmosphere is safe, structured and supportive. Teens get a chance to leave behind any negative classroom or home experiences and start fresh. A new location and a new place to live are not the only benefits of a therapeutic boarding school for girls in Alabama.

  • Accredited academic programs help teens move toward graduating with a diploma.
  • Certified teachers help repair credit and stay on track.
  • Licensed therapists work with teens on their issues through group and private sessions.
  • Experienced recreational therapists help the girls have fun, learn new skills and rebuild relationships.
  • Life skills give the teens a chance to gain more independence and confidence in taking care of themselves and others.
  • Transitioning programs prepare teenage girls from going back to the real world and ensure they will be successful.

For teenage girls in Alabama that struggle with mental health issues, self-esteem issues, emotional challenges and behavioral problems, its best if they get to a therapeutic boarding school as soon as possible. Alabama parents are going to be extremely excited for everything they will be learning and doing, and moving steadily toward health and healing.

Pick Havenwood Academy Because It Works

Havenwood Academy has already helped hundreds of girls and their families move beyond bad behavior and troubled times into a more productive and stable era of family relations. Teen girls with mental health issues cannot get better on their own—they need loving guidance, experienced therapists and brave parents to work together to get them on the right path.

For more background on the Havenwood Academy therapy program and the boarding school, parents in Alabama should call 1-877-830-7012.

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