Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

Choosing the right therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teenage daughter is a huge task and one that involves a lot of time and research. After all, you want to make sure that you find the best school to fit her needs, because you are worried that without professional help, her emotional and mental health will continue to suffer. Therapeutic boarding schools for girls offer some of the best options for parents who seek a comprehensive teen help program with proven, long-term success.

Havenwood Academy is a therapeutic boarding school with a unique approach to helping teenage girls with behavior problems. For more information on how we can help your daughter, please contact us today (877-830-7012).

What is Therapeutic Boarding School?

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls are all-female facilities that welcome trouble teens from across the country who struggle with challenges that make home and traditional school very difficult. Teens may have issues with anxiety, depression, bipolar, adoption and abandonment stress, substance abuse, reactive attachment disorder, post-traumatic stress, abuse trauma and many other kinds of mental illness. Therapeutic schools are intensive, long-term programs that help teen girls address their problems, learn ways to rise above them, and emerge as successful young women.

With all kinds of teen therapy and recovery programs out there, it can be frustrating to sort out all the information to make the right choice. After all, not all therapeutic boarding schools are alike, and there are many different factors that come into play when selecting the best and most successful. It’s helpful to know the differences between different residential treatment facilities so you can make sure that therapeutic boarding school is right for your daughter.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls

No matter what state you live in, there is a therapeutic boarding school nearby. Of course, these specialized facilities shouldn’t be mistaken for short-term military schools, boot camps, wilderness camps and other “scared straight” programs. Legitimate boarding schools focus on academics, but don’t include therapy components. Indeed, therapeutic boarding schools for girls are unique and fill the need for a safe and structured place where troubled teenage girls can thrive.

Examine just three of the benefits of therapeutic schools for girls:

1. New Location

Unlike wilderness camps, boot camps and military schools, therapeutic boarding schools, sometimes known as residential treatment centers, incorporate all kinds of features into one comprehensive program. Boarding schools are residential, which means that the teen girls live in family-style group homes or dorms, away from you and your current home. Although this may seem drastic, it is actually a great chance for teen girls to leave behind a lot of negative triggers and start over somewhere stable and safe without judgement.

2. Qualified Staff and Faculty

Therapeutic boarding schools employ full time administrators, mentors, counselors, teachers and recreational therapists, all with one goal—to guide troubled teen girls toward health, happiness and healing. From licensed therapists to certified teachers, the caring staff at boarding schools work together to create a complete program for each girl, using lessons and experience to build upon one another. The attention and concern each staff member shows all the girls are a key part of their progress.

3. Learning and Growth

Living away from home might mean missing out on academic progress, but at therapeutic boarding schools, teen girls won’t jeopardize their education. The best boarding schools are accredited and have specially trained teachers holding small classes where teens can repair credits, get extra help to rise to their grade level, and even to earn a real high school diploma. Teens also learn life skills to help them become independent adults. Of course recreation and hobbies are important in a girl’s life, and boarding schools often include outdoor recreation, equine therapy, art and music therapy and much more.

It’s true that therapeutic schools especially for teen girls can be the solution to your problem. It’s not enough for parents to wish and hope that their teenager will grow out of her troubles, and delaying action may just make her situation worse. Even though it is hard, you really ought to make arrangements for a therapeutic boarding school for your daughter.

Why Choose Havenwood Academy?

At Havenwood Academy, we provide a full complement of therapy that embraces our philosophy that troubled teenage girls can only change if they have the desire. Therefore, we create an atmosphere of trust, compassion and accountability. We make sure that each girl is receiving what she needs, from clinical to social to academic. No matter what a girl is struggling with or what her history is, Havenwood Academy has a place for her.

A glimpse at our program reveals the scope of our efforts to help troubled teen girls. We provide individual therapy, group therapy, EMDR therapy, DBT therapy, family therapy, experiential therapy, family-reintegration therapy, equine therapy, art and music therapy, neuro-feedback training, bio-feedback training, and much more. Combining this with academic support, emotional support and social support means that girls will feel empowered to be authors of their own change and choose their own paths forward. Active growth and steady recovery translates into positive, successful young women.

Please call Havenwood Academy today at 877-830-7012 and receive a complete review of all our services and how we aid troubled youth from across the nation.


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