Successful Recovery Help for Teen Girls

Successful recovery is always the ultimate goal for teens struggling with emotional, psychological or behavioral issues. Treatment programs provide the foundation for this Successful Recoveryachievement, but other factors can contribute to restoring the health of teen girls and young women. You can set your teen up for success by providing the support she needs to overcome her challenges.

The Importance of Family Involvement

Therapy and counseling are crucial to a complete recovery from any mental or behavioral disorder or condition. Just as important, however, is family support. Without family involvement, teens are much more likely to return to old patterns of behavior once they leave a residential treatment center. Family therapy is an integral part of any treatment program for teen girls as well, as it helps restore communication, build bonds and solidify trust. Overcoming challenges requires the support and understanding of the entire family. Consequently, it is essential for parents, siblings and other close family members to actively participate in any treatment program protocols or therapy.

Making Changes at Home

Residential treatment center programs provide the tools teen girls need to overcome their issues, yet putting these new coping skills and techniques into practice at home can be difficult. To support a full recovery, consider how life at home may contribute to the teen’s condition or disorder and make any necessary changes. If your teen returns home to the same dysfunctional situations she faced before treatment, the chance of relapse is significant. Keeping alcohol out of the house may be best if a teen is dealing with substance abuse, for example. Or, you may rethink meal planning and food shopping for the family if your teen is battling an eating disorder. Family members may also need to make changes themselves, since dealing with their own issues, whether those issues involve mood disorders, marital challenges or behavioral problems, can help your teen achieve her goals.

Peer Support

Teen girls who are coping with psychological, emotional or behavioral issues need the understanding and encouragement of their peers in order to achieve a successful recovery. Peer support is imperative because it lets teens know they are not alone and allows them to share common experiences. Residential treatment center programs provide many opportunities for peer engagement through group therapy. Beyond the residential facility, teens can continue to find peer support through phone calls, text messages, group sessions and home visits. Keeping in contact with peers gives teen girls emotional and social assistance in managing their issues, which are key factors in successful recovery.

The road to recovery from any behavioral, emotional or psychological issue can be a long and arduous one. Regardless of the reason your teen is in treatment, support outside of the program is essential to make this road easier for your teen to travel. The proven, effective treatment programs offered at Havenwood Academy provide the groundwork for successful recovery. The compassionate team of professional educators and counselors at Havenwood are committed to providing teen girls with the strategies and support they need to cope with their issues, both at the center and at home, and to pave the road for a successful recovery.


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