Schools for Troubled Teen Girls

Adjusting to the idea that your troubled teen girl needs more intensive intervention than you can provide at home is difficult. If you have determined that a full time treatment center is the next step for your daughter, it is important that you choose a safe place that is going to meet her needs, both therapeutically and in terms of support. At Havenwood Academy, we are familiar with the stress parents feel about their troubled teen and we offer the kind of intervention that will help your daughter heal and your family get back on track. We are highly experienced in treating issues like defiance, anger, depression, sexual promiscuity and substance abuse and our loving and supportive approach has already helped hundreds. Without the triggers and distractions of her current life, your struggling girl can gain the knowledge and tools she needs to meet her challenges head on and prepare for a healthier and happier future.

Who We Are

At Havenwood Academy, we are committed to helping girls restore their important relationships through an environment of accountability, love and trust. We have developed a treatment plan that combines strong morals and values in a family style environment and we place a great emphasis on our positive peer culture program. We know that each girl that comes to us is a unique individual and is dealing with her own combination of challenges. In order to help each of our students have a better chance of approaching healing on a personal and motivating level, we offer a variety of treatment modalities. Some of our successful methods include:

  • Individualized treatment plans for each student that are adjusted as she works through the program.
  • Empowering girls to become as active as possible in their own recovery process. We provide experiential opportunities and a multi-faceted approach to therapy in order to meet every need.
  • We have developed a positive per culture environment in order to allow our students to create healthy bonds and practice teamwork. Such positive surroundings increase the effectiveness of the treatment solutions we offer.
  • We encourage collaboration between each department, including education, experiential, dietary and clinical treatment, to ensure that each counselor and therapist is aware of each student’s progress in every area.

What Makes Havenwood Academy Different?

As you research facilities for your daughter, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the variety of programs available and the approaches that they offer. In order to find the best solution for your teen, you should be aware that not all teen help solutions are equally effective. While each program is likely to offer therapy in some form, some methods are not as helpful. For instance, behavior modification methods are common, but the reward /consequence system is easy for teens to manipulate to look as though they are improving more than they are. In addition, they don’t offer students the chance to get to the core of their issues and heal from the deepest level on out, which is the only way to create lasting change.

At Havenwood Academy, we have adopted methods that we know are developmentally appropriate for adolescents and their learning style. We take a clinical approach that not only takes each students personal history and goals into account, but also their personality and interests. One of the great advantages of our program is that we offer a wide variety of therapy styles and opportunities and we are set up to provide twice as much therapy as other programs. The environment of love, support and trust is another way to ensure that each student is given every opportunity to succeed. Some of the specific options we provide at Havenwood Academy include:

  • Group and Individual Therapy – Our students experience both individual and group therapy led by experienced professionals. These two approaches complement each other by allowing girls to both learn from their peers while also taking a personalized approach to their challenges.
  • Experiential Therapy – Experiential therapy refers to hands on opportunities for teens to expand on the progress they make in their talk therapy sessions. Through art, music or recreation therapy, our students remain engaged in the process and become empowered to drive their own recovery.
  • Family Therapy – We place great emphasis on helping our students repair their family relationships and improve their communication in order to integrate back into the family unit as smoothly as possible.
  • DBT Therapy – We have included DBT, or dialectical behavioral therapy, into our curriculum in order to help teens learn how to alter negative habits or patterns of behavior. This method includes a mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral approach that helps individuals develop healthy coping skills and identify potential triggers.
  • EMDR Therapy – Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR, is frequently used on individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder or disturbing memories. We have found that it is a particularly effective form of intervention for troubled teen girls because it is both non-invasive and proven through many intensive clinical studies.
  • Bio and Neuro feedback therapy – In a bio and neuro feedback approach, brain activity and external stimuli are used to help students learn how to relax their minds and their bodies as a more natural reaction to stress, depression and anxiety.

How Havenwood Academy Can Help You

We are devoted to providing the finest care for each troubled girl that comes to us. Our primary goal is to see your daughter heal and move on with her life in a more positive direction. In order to provide the best experience, we are registered as a healthcare program, which means that insurance covers the cost of the stay in many cases. We feel strongly about being able to offer recovery to every girl, regardless of their parent’s financial ability to pay out of pocket.

We promise to provide a supportive, loving and safe environment where your daughter can identify her challenges and learn how to manage them in a way that is healthy and sustainable, both now and in the future. We invite you to take a moment to watch our welcome video and then contact us at 877-830-7012 for a confidential and free consultation. Let us help you make the first step to restoring peace in your family.


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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