What does it take to turn a troubled teenage girl from a rebellious and angry person to a vibrant and successful one? Many parents throughout the country are asking themselves this very question and don’t seem to have the answers.

The good news is that many struggling teenagers manage to turn their lives around when they enroll in specialized residential schools that focus on healing their emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Known by all kinds of names, like reform school, military school and boarding school, these facilities can make a huge impact in the lives of troubled teen girls. Havenwood Academy is an all-girls therapeutic boarding school with a long history of success in guiding teen girls toward a better life.

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What is a Reform School for Girls?

Reform schools are residential schools with academic and therapeutic components that are designed to provide struggling teen girls with the structure, support and specialized help they need to overcome those obstacles that are holding them back form a successful life. The term “reform school” is a relatively outdated name for what most experts call therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers. Parents who are not familiar with the latest in teen help programs and residential healing facilities may continue to call them reform schools for girls until they do more research into such programs.

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls are located in just about every state in the country, but they are not all the same. With as many different treatment styles and specialties as there are teen girls, parents should do their due diligence and research all the different aspects of the school. Some schools specialize in certain conditions and diagnoses, like ADD/ADHD, substance abuse or depression. Others have differing philosophies on treatment, such as behavior modification versus experiential treatment, for example. Some schools have a Christian approach to therapy, while others center on equine therapy, outdoor adventure therapy or arts and drama therapy.

No matter what kind of reform school for girls that parents are looking for, they are definitely doing the right thing in getting professional help lined up for their teenage daughters.

How Do Reform Schools Help Troubled Teens?

When traditional schools simply aren’t working for struggling teen girls, it’s a good idea for parents to look seriously at reform school, or therapeutic boarding schools. The programs with the most success are those that require the girls to be a part of their own healing, and put them in situations where they are making progress, seeing success and working toward real goals.

Here are just a few reasons why reform schools for girls really help:

  • Licensed therapists work on mental health, emotional and behavioral healing in group and individual sessions.
  • Experienced special education teachers help girls repair credit, pass classes, learn grade level material and work toward a diploma.
  • Recreational therapy boosts self-esteem, teaches new hobbies and encourages girls to set and achieve personal goals. Plus, it’s fun!
  • Various therapy programs, from equine therapy to art therapy, help troubled teens learn more about communication, discipline, responsibility, relationships and more.
  • Life skills are taught at reform schools so girls can transition from adolescence to adulthood and master skills like laundry, hygiene, cooking, leadership, teamwork, showing respect and maintaining healthy relationships.

There are just a few of the things that teen girls will encounter when they attend a reform school or therapeutic boarding school. Caring mentors, experienced staff and dedicated administrators at these schools work hard to create an atmosphere of acceptance, support and care. Parents are often amazed at the change they see in their teenage girls after attending a reform school, and the long list of success stories is evidence that the programs are working.

Why Choose Havenwood Academy Over Other Reform Schools for Girls?

Havenwood Academy is a therapeutic boarding school located in Utah. It is one of the top treatment centers for girls in the country, and sets high standards for care and treatment. The atmosphere at Havenwood Academy is ideal for troubled teens that have no other options in traditional schools and are immersed in a negative environment at home. We focus on everything from nutrition and fitness to academics and therapy, and give the girls a chance to learn more about themselves along the way with our dynamic recreational therapy program. Our clinical services will definitely help struggling teen girls find their inner strength and inspire them to make changes.

When it comes to choosing a reform school for girls, don’t make the mistake of picking a place just because it is close to your home town. Instead, concentrate on selecting a school that has all the right credentials, and has experience in helping girls just like your daughter. After comparing everything, it’s obvious that Havenwood Academy is the right place for your teen daughter to be. Instead of looking for reform schools for girls in your neighborhoods, check out Havenwood Academy and see how we can help.

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