Parents at the End of Their Rope Have Sent Their Girls to Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Parents at the End of Their Rope Have Sent Their Girls to Therapeutic Boarding Schools

“My daughter was getting into a lot of trouble at school. She was skipping classes and getting into fights weekly. She was caught drinking and I believe she was using drugs. I wanted to save my daughter from this path she was on, but I didn’t know what to do. She had already been to many counselors and a juvenile detention center. I was at my wits end until I learned about therapeutic boarding schools. She’s now back home and doing better than ever. The boarding school saved her life.”

Boarding schools are oftentimes parents’ last resort when seeking a way to help their troubled teen girl. Parents have been through a lot with their daughter at this point, and while they don’t want to send her to a school that may be many miles away, they want to do whatever it takes to help her.

Boarding schools offer many programs to help troubled girls turn their life around. With professionals on staff, girls can receive everything they need to learn how to live a better life when they return home.

One of the many benefits of choosing a boarding school that may not be near your home is that your daughter will be away from all of her influencers. She won’t be able to fall into temptations when her friends aren’t around her.

Being at a boarding school also means she won’t have access to everything she has right now. With time, she will learn that she doesn’t need the alcohol, drugs, or bad behavior to live. She can live life with positive influences that will make her happy and proud.

Along with the treatment part of the boarding school program, troubled girls also receive the education and socialization they are missing back home. This way they don’t ever have to worry about falling behind academically.

Turning Life Around at a Therapeutic Boarding School

Troubled girls need a new life to focus on. They are stuck in the thick of their current environment. Pulling her out of that environment and placing her into a good, positive one will be hard at first, but that change will end up being the one that can save her life. It can show her life isn’t all about what she’s been hearing and seeing from her peers. It can show her a different life can lead her in a better direction.

If you don’t know what else to do for your daughter, consider our therapeutic boarding school – Havenwood Academy. It could be just what you all need to turn life around.

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