Our Facilities

Havenwood Academy operates in several different facilities all located in the Cedar City, UT area. Our facilities include Havenwood Ranch, Our Stabilization Unit, and Our School Building. We are also very excited to share with you our plans that broke ground in 2022 for our incredible 160 acre campus.

Havenwood Ranch

Our Havenwood Ranch home, located 15 minutes west of Cedar City, is the beginning of our future campus. This home can host up to 16 students. This newly renovated home has a full kitchen and dining area, a comfortable living space, and an incredible backyard with a pond. It is the site of what will become our complete campus, with all services and facilities housed in one location.


Stablization Unit

Havenwood South was the first home owned by Havenwood Academy. Havenwood South can host 5 guests and is the closest to our school, being only 2 minutes away.

South House-06 (2)
Havenwood Academy Cafeteria
Empty Classroom-12
Havenwood Academy Gym
Havenwood Academy Teacher tutoring a student
student at Havenwood Academy

Havenwood School Building

Our school is located centrally to our three homes in Cedar City. Included at the school is a dining area, conference room, and basketball court, as well as several offices for therapy and administrators. It also has four classrooms equipped with everything your daughter will need to succeed academically.

Teenage girl smiling while learning taking notes


Once we have a confirmed date for your daughter's admittance into the program, our team immediately begins prepping for her stay with us. Included in that process is deciding which home she'll be going to. We consider many variables with the primary focus of, "Where will be best for her?" We consider the other teens in the house, general fit, where she will make friends, treatment stage, etc.

Please be aware that it may be in the best interest of your daughter's treatment to move in the middle of her time with us. It is not uncommon for us to move a kid into another home to try and help increase the impact of her treatment.


Havenwood Academy's

160-Acre Campus

Havenwood is incredibly excited to be expanding our facilities to be able to provide the very best experience for our students, families, and staff. This campus has been carefully designed with your daughter in mind. The designs include a full size school with a cafeteria, classrooms, and recreational spaces. Our therapy and administration building is next door to the school for easy back and forth. Importantly, we are decreasing the size of the homes from 16 beds to 12 in order to decrease group size and increase therapeutic interactions with staff. Check out the campus plans and our most recent renderings of the buildings. We are months away from opening the full campus.

Master Campus Plans

Havenwood's campus includes many new concepts that will improve the program's ability to treat teenage girls with trauma and attachment related issues. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 3.52.44 PM

Aerial View of Our New Campus