New Teen Drugs Growing More Dangerous

Teen drugs of choice have long included alcohol, marijuana and prescriptions, but many of the newest drugs to hit the street are potentially even more dangerous. Not only can they causeNew Teen Drugs serious health issues or even death, but designer drugs are cheap and easy for teens to get. Consequently, abuse is on the rise. And, since new chemical formulations are continually being created and sold, designer drugs are difficult for the government to regulate. Take a look at what you need to know about three of the most alarming new teen drugs.

Effects of “Meow Meow” Drug Use

It may sound like a cute name, but Meow Meow is the street name for mephedrone, a psychoactive stimulant that is quickly becoming one of the most popular teen drugs. Also known as MCAT, Drone and White Magic, Meow Meow produces effects that are similar to those of cocaine and Ecstasy, but it also provides a thrilling energy and an increased sex drive. These characteristics, along with the fact that Meow Meow is cheap, make this designer drug especially enticing to teens.

Teens under the effects of this drug often experience mood swings, hallucinations and other psychotic effects such as anxiety and paranoia. Meow Meow, available in powder and pill form, can overstimulate the heart and nervous system, and has been implicated in a number of deaths already. This hazardous drug also has been linked to violent behavior.

Risks of Using the Drug Known as Flakka

Of all of the new teen drugs, Flakka, also known as Gravel or Flocka, is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous. Just like Meow Meow, this designer drug is incredibly cheap; teens can buy a dose for about $5 in many parts of the country.

Worse, it’s easy to take, as it can be smoked, snorted or inhaled through an e-cigarette. And, because Flakka can be ground down into sugar-like crystals, it even can be laced into candies like gummy bears. This hallucinogenic designer drug is highly addictive and causes an excited delirium that often leads to extreme paranoia, violent aggression and self-injury. Flakka can also cause metabolic problems that impair kidney function, leading to death as a result of renal failure.

Dangers of NBOMe

An increasing number of teens are experimenting with NBOMe, a hallucinogen that is promised to create a powerful high that surpass that of LSD. It is more potent as well, requiring just micrograms, rather than grams, to feel the effects.

Kids most often snort this designer drug as a powder, but it also sold in liquid form and on blotter papers. NBOMe, also known as Dime, 25C, N-Bomb and DOB, is perhaps the most deadly of the new teen drugs, as just a trace amount can cause seizures, respiratory or cardiac arrest, or even death.

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