How to Help Your Teen Daughter Transition to Adulthood

How to Help Your Teen Daughter Transition to Adulthood

You can still remember the day she was born. When you held her in your arms and looked into her beautiful face for the first time. With a blink of an eye, here she is standing in front of you – about to enter into adulthood. If you’re scared and confused on how to handle this stage of life, the following can help you.

Identify Situations

In adulthood, there are many situations that happen that teenagers never think about because they aren’t part of their world yet. As you’re talking to your teenager about some of the life changes that are about to happen, bring up possible situations and solutions for them. It gets your teen thinking and if those situations do ever come up, she may remember what you said and be able to handle it effectively.

Give Her a Lot of Love and Guidance

Love and guidance are what your daughter needs right now. The real world is scary, and it can be lonely. Knowing her parent is behind her every step of the way can be comforting.

This doesn’t mean doing everything for her. The best thing you can do is give her guidance and then allow her to work her life. It can be hard not to step in, but the lessons she learns by taking control of her life will be with her forever.

Teach Her Life Skills

There are many life skills you can teach her before she flies the nest. Money management is a big one since many young adults end up in debt soon after they leave their parent’s home. Teaching her how to change a tire on her car and some self-defense moves can also be beneficial. You may even want to sign up for a self-defense class you can attend together.

Be Firm but Fair

When your daughter comes to you with a crisis, it can be hard not to swoop in and make it go away. If the problem occurred because of bad choices, you can help her see why it happened, and what she can do differently next time. If she’s in a really tough spot, you can help alleviate some of it, but be sure that she handles the brunt of it. This is what will help her become a confident, strong and successful adult someday.

More Advice from the Troubled Teen Experts at Havenwood Academy

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