How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Can Reverse A Girl’s Aggression Issues

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Can Reverse a Girl's Aggression Issues

When you hear about issues with teen aggression, the first image that comes to mind is usually a angry teenage boy. It’s certainly more common to see aggression in troubled teen boys, but unfortunately it is by no means limited to males. Aggression is definitely present in troubled teen girls, too, and is often more complicated and difficult to address because it is less understood. Many parents find themselves confused and even in denial about their teen girl’s aggression, because it simply doesn’t make sense.

Similarly, girls can show aggression in different ways than their male counterparts. Girls may or may not break out into actual fighting. They may or may not shout and yell. They might argue or confront others frequently, or unexpectedly. They may experience anger management and impulse control issues. They may experience problems with authority. They may slam doors (more than your average teenager), break things, or lash out in other ways. Have you seen any of these signs in your troubled teen girl? If so, a therapeutic boarding school might be the answer.

3 Ways Therapeutic Boarding Schools Reverse Aggression

A therapeutic boarding school offers structured, holistic treatment and education that is specifically designed to address your troubled teen’s issues at their core. Providing a consistent set of rules and authority along with personalized therapy, therapeutic boarding schools can make a huge difference for teen aggression in three steps.

  1. Emotional Awareness. Many girls with emotional and aggression issues have difficulty identifying and understanding their emotions, let alone controlling them! The first step is helping girls understand themselves and the emotions they feel.
  2. Improved Communication. Aggression is usually a failure to communicate. Girls can misunderstand a message, or feel that they cannot express what they need in words. Teaching more functional communication skills and strategies is a critical step in reversing aggression.
  3. Self Control. One of the most common features of any therapeutic boarding school is the practice of self control. It begins with curbing personal freedom and earning back privileges through good choices and self control. For girls with aggression they can learn to control their impulses and anger in small, manageable steps.

Aggression in teen girls is nothing to ignore, and you can’t assume that it isn’t a part of her emotional issues just because she’s a girl. Aggression is just as real of a problem for teen girls, and should be addressed quickly before damaging relationships or compromising her future. A therapeutic boarding school can not only control aggression issues, but also reverse them to give your troubled teen girl a chance at a healthy, happy adult life.


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