How Teachers At Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Self-Harming Girls

How Teachers at Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Self harming Girls

There are few things more confusing and terrifying than the realization that your teen self-harms. Most parents of self-harming teens are crushed under a weight of guilt-ridden questions: Why does she do it? When did it start? Can we get it to stop? Does this mean she’s suicidal? What did I do wrong? What do we do now?

Self-harm is an incredibly serious condition and it requires swift and immediate action. Girls who self-harm are often at a crossroads that could determine their future, so involving professional help is of utmost importance. Counseling and therapy are obvious answers, but often the issues are more serious, more dangerous, and require the attention and expertise of professional therapeutic boarding schools.

Girls Overcome Self Harming Behavior At Havenwood

When parents hear “therapeutic boarding school” they may conjure up images of military-style punishments, or conditions like a prison. While there are many disciplinary options for troubled teens, there are more therapeutic and gentle options. Some therapeutic boarding schools specialize in helping troubled girls with issues like self-esteem, depression, and self-harm, and their entire approach is designed to facilitate healing.

  • Consistency. The very first thing that teachers offer in a therapeutic boarding school is consistency. There are universal rules that exist and routines that are followed. By removing the uncertainty and inconsistencies of their regular lives, self-harming girls start to feel more safe.
  • Respect. Therapeutic boarding schools operate on a currency of respect. Respect is both given and earned on both sides of the desk. Self-harming girls will feel respected, and will learn to respect both their teachers – and themselves.
  • Academic Success. These therapeutic boarding schools aren’t just about removing your daughter from her toxic life at home, or creating strict routines of obedience. Your self-harming daughter will also have distraction-free academic focus, with teachers who care about her learning and development.
  • Therapy. Most teachers in therapeutic boarding schools have training in therapy and rehabilitation. They work alongside your daughter’s therapists and you as her parents, working to reach the goals for your daughter’s future.

Discovering your daughter’s struggle with depression and self-harm can be downright horrifying, but the nightmare does not have to continue. Finding your daughter an acceptable therapeutic boarding school with carefully trained teachers and counselors can help her overcome her self-harming behavior and start progress toward a healthy future.


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