How a Boarding School for Troubled Girls Will Help the Whole Family

How a Boarding School for Troubled Girls Will Help the Whole Family

Troubled girls aren’t the only ones who benefit from a boarding school. With all of the struggles family members go through with troubled teens, board schools provide help to them as well. This comprehensive treatment increases the effectiveness of the program. The following are some of the ways boarding schools help troubled girls and their families.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is available for troubled girls and their family members. These sessions can be in person for the troubled girls, and via phone for family members. Usually, the same therapist works with the troubled girl and her family to facilitate the rebuilding of the relationship.

Group Therapy

Group therapy consists of the troubled girl and her family. These sessions seek to identify some of the problems in the relationship, and come up with better ways to solve them. The therapist often serves as the mediator to help both the troubled teen and family members work together to build a stronger relationship. This is often conducted by phone, but during parent visits, group therapy is done face-to-face.

Educational Workshops

Workshops help family members understand what troubled girls go through before, during, and after attending the boarding school. The more family members know, the better able they will be to handle any situations that comes their way.

Troubled girls may also have workshops to understand what their family members are going through. This knowledge can help them see why they behave the way they do, which diffuses any frustrations over future situations.

Progress Reporting

Family members receive reports on how their troubled girl is doing while at the boarding school. When the teen is doing well, this gives parents hope for a bright future. This can help them begin to repair the internal damage they have from all of the arguments before treatment at the school. By the time the teenager returns home, most of the ill feelings have been replaced with pride for a job well done while away at the school.

Family Visits

Family visits are highly beneficial for everyone. Being able to see what is being done and to see the changes in the troubled teen and in the family members can further repair the relationship. Most times, teens and parents are so excited and relieved to see each other that they end up reestablishing their bond right away and that bond continues to strengthen as the troubled teen moves through the program.

Troubled Teens – Troubled Families

When a teen is troubled, the family is troubled. This is why it’s imperative boarding schools include family members when helping troubled girls. With this model of care, teen girls have the best chance of succeeding.

Havenwood Academy feels strongly about helping the family unit. Our program includes the family as much as possible to help troubled girls get the most out of their experience. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.


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